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September 21, 2014

DUBAI’s FASHION design EVENT house in Jumeirah opens its doors for PARTICIPANTS


Application form can be found HERE for the 2014-2015 participation period. Or Call directly on +(971)561701555.

Flora Gardenia has been high quality fashion boutique since 2010 in Jumeirah 1, our fashion hub of Dubai. Its reputation for Haute Couture, exclusive, chic, and traditional items is growing! They have a good number of local fashion, jewelry and accessory designers where they display their fabulous products and meet with their clients.

The majority of Flora Gardenia’s products are Haute Couture and unique made in UAE designs.

This year, Flora Gardenia fashion & event house opens its door for additional participants who have interest to become a part of a joint venture, here in Dubai.

So, if you are a business owner or want to become one, a fashion designer and have your own unique collections of evening gowns, abayas, jalabeaya, daily wear, wedding gowns or even lingerie, accessories, jewelry, services, catering or wedding products and looking for a great location to display it here in Dubai. Need a space for your showroom or want to open your own boutique but rent is not yet affordable, click HERE to grab this chance and apply for 2014-2015 participation year.

Here are details:

Venue: Flora Gardenia Fashion House in Jumeirah Beach Road, Dubai. Villa located close to the Jumeirah Grand Mosque, Jumeira 1 Public Beach, and 10 minutes away from the downtown (World Trade Center, Dubai Mall and Burj Khalifa). The Flora Gardenia Fashion House is two villas with a huge space on their two floors and own parking, garden & stores. Equipped with electricity, water, Air Conditioning and furniture. Each villa has spacious halls where all designs are displayed along with mannequins, window-cases, decorative furniture and team of trained staff of customer assistants, tailors, housekeepers, administration, marketing, accountants etc. Free WiFi

Participant Space: Each participant’s area has a enough space for a free-standing of 10 items +. Vendors may purchase a double space if requested. 

Revenue Collection: Each participant will collect a revenue from the sales of their own products daily or weekly. We encourage our participants to accept cash, checks, and credit cards. The average percentage which will be commissioned to the Flora Gardenia Boutique will be upon the sales around 20% only.

Participation and Application Fee: The participation fee is from AED  70.000 to 280.000 Dh. yearly for each participant. The price will depend on the field of the product, services provided and space required.  There will be no any application fee for new participant. Participation fees are used by Flora Gardenia Fashion House to pay for the venue, displaying and keeping product in a good condition, promoting ( advertising and marketing), Consulting in management, sales (in retail, wholesale, online, repeat order and custom made orders). A services of a team of professionals will be provided to the participants (tailors, customer service, PRO, legal advisors Admin, other). Flora Gardenia Fashion House's top qualified Haute Couture designer will be producing 20 outfit for the participants under their label and theme. (Any production cost will be charged additionally ex.:labor charge, fabrics etc.) The Interior decor is maintained by the fashion house.

The additional services and projects are excluded from the price. Any private meeting, parties, conference, fashion shows and other events will be under additional cost.

Terms of the participation
Total of 15 months participation with training and practicing (for 3 month period from the day of the signing the agreement and 12 months of the real practice.) The participants are not allowed to take back the money paid for the agreement unless they will provide prior notes and serious reasons to quit.

What type of products are we looking for?

Flora Gardenia Fashion House accepts participants who provide quality products, have creative presentation. The choice of the participants will be upon the next characteristics:
*Good quality
*Original / authentic designs ( not copied)
*Personal ethics and cooperativeness.
*Understanding entire objectives of both parties.

All vendors, including vendors who have been in our previous shows, will be requested to fill out an application form on-line during the application period.
*The Grand Opening and other activities will be announced after having the enough number of participant.The operation will start the day of signing.

Thank you for your interest in being a part of the Flora Gardenia Fashion House!
Questions? Email us at Or Call directly on +(971)561701555.

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