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January 4, 2013

Ladies of Dubai: AlReem Saif - icon of style and fashion (Part 1)

Khaleejia said: Fashion in Dubai one of the most popular topic here on Khaleejia’s Life blog and that’s become a reason to introduce you Al Reem Saif, our local icon of fashion here in Dubai. I hope my interview with Al Reem is not the last more tips and khaleeji know-how will be posted soon and you all are welcome to ask and comment.
I’m Al Reem Saif, 25 y.o. half Emirati(father) half Qatari(mother), I work as beauty editor in which is part of Al-Khaleej magazine and Abu-Dhabi Media Inc., i have been working there for almost more then 2years and i really love it and enjoy it.

-How did you come into this field?
-I was graduated from American university in Sharjah, UAE with a degree in The Mass Media Communications. I was always interested in media. And fashion was my interest for all my life so once i decided to work, my choice went for a new media company where i applied as a mass media developer without even knowing that it was  Abu Dhabi Media Inc. They called me and invited for an interview. Before that i used to work as a freelancer at Hia online magazine where I also wrote about fashion and beauty so that was the beginning.

Tell me about yourself, your daily life?
I love reading, I love going to GYM, mainly i spend my free time in GYM, I really love it. Also i am always  with my friends and family on the weekends. 
My weekdays are always very busy. As the main office in Abu Dhabi i pretty often have to drive there that takes much time, sometimes i stay in Dubai. Being an editor there are daily interviews, different events, launchings, fashion shows etc which take lots of time. But it is also  fun and very interesting job as I get to meet designers, celebrities,  international make-up artists, you know, people i’ve never thought i can meet them in my life. I got very thankful as It’s an  amazing opportunity to see all these people, and get inspired, get some knowledge and specially for me, as i am not doing just my job, it’s my life style. Since i was a little girl my mom used to dress me up in the last fashion trends, and she herself was my first fashion model from whom i learnt and became interested in it. That’s why i am very happy to work there.

- It;s cool, so meeting celebrities, what impress you the most?
- All celebrities are different in the reality. Sometimes they are not very nice sometimes they are  nice. When camera turn off you can see different attitude. But still there are really very nice celebs. My favorite celebrities are Joelle- she is very nice, amazing, passionate, talkative person, she inspires me a lot. Huda from Huda beauty – she is so sweet, i love her too. Every celebrity have different impression, but i love getting this experience.

-Getting popularity is very nice but dangerous i guess)). What do you write  in your articles about?
-I write about beauty news,what is going on here in Dubai in this industry, I do write about different products, featuring trends, brands, anything that can help our Arabic reading audience choose the best and stay up-to-date in the matter of fashion and beauty. As is the first online  source in Arabic that features everything regarding beauty and fashion industry here in khaleej (GCC). Mainly we have lots of English magazines but in Arabic was nothing available and women left unaware about new developments and achievements in this field. One of the biggest reading audience – KSA who is mainly Arabic reading audience. We receiving a lot of questions from Saudi women so we always trying to be very informative and get more knowledge to give comprehensive answers.

- What  about women in UAE, is there any difference between the emirates ex> Abu Dhabi, Al Ain, Ras al Khaimah, Sharjah, Fujeirah etc?
- Some people think Dubai girls are more into modern fashion then girls from other Emirates.. Abu Dhabi etc. But generally speaking I don't see it, because i am an Emirati and we are pretty much the same.

- So, would you be agree with “If you want to know fashion, ask ladies from Dubai?
-No, (laughing)  I would not say that as some Abu Dhabi girls are amazing, they know all about  fashion and beauty . It is more like a stereotype that Dubai girls know more. I would say that every girl has her own style she can be either from Al Ain or Dubai it doesn’t matter. You know, sometimes you can see a very stylish and fashionable girl and you think she is from Dubai, but she is from Ras el Khaimah or Ajman:)

-If you want to get some fashion tips, where do you go or who you meet or what do you read to find them?
- Being a beauty editor, i write about makeup. My best teacher is my mom, because of her, i tried almost all brands and got lots of knowledge on how and what to use the best. Also i try it on me. Also i watch videos in youtube. I am always interested, i am always searching and learning information on what is the best way to use your eyeliner, mascara, how to put eye-shadows and make it last all day. I do read reviews of the products, sometimes i buy some product if i read many good reviews.

- European and American make-up techniques are not the same as in the khaleej. Where do you look for khaleeji make-up techniques?
-You know, youtube has a lot of videos on khaleeji make-up and i saw them all, some are funny, some are not even khaleeji, some are ok, but some are really very interesting and good source to learn as well. I think West got influenced by our makeup, they do cat-eyes using kohl, eye-liner. They learn from us, so we also learn something from them. Like Kim Kardashian look and so on.
03 alreemsaif by khaleejia

Also  I see pictures, i get inspired by them as well, i am so much into the details, all this help me to choose my own style. I see some Emirati girls taking pictures of their accessories that look stylish and then it make me think with what dress this would look nice and i go ahead trying a new look. Abaya designers here in Dubai also inspire me much such as Rouge couture. Simple, when i see something very nice i like to get it for myself. That’s how i get my abayas done, choose my accessories, my watch, shoes, begs and anything else.
04alreem saif by khaleejia

05 alreem saif by khaleejia

02 alreem saif by khaleejia
Al-Reem Saif, icon of style and fashion here in Dubai. (Part: 1)

-( To be continued)

With love by Khaleejia..