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February 26, 2010

Emirati Weddings- Video

Khaleejia said:  What wedding preparations look like in the UAE today

Lubna said that nowadays brides don't have to hide from people for 40 days before the wedding -but some families still practice this tradition. I like it:) The reason behind it is: the bride-to-be can concentrate on her appearance- some try to loose weight, go to beauty salons for skin care treatment, hair removal, massage... She goes out of the house (shopping etc) and her closest family can see her (well... few girls  will cover their faces even in the house  and while sleeping :), but other relatives don't see her. She does not go to the gatherings and parties - so later when they see the bride at the wedding night they'll be surprised with her beautiful look (because they a little bit forgot how she looked before :)

Wedding invitations can have a very creative and unusual form. Some more religious families can send a small pocket size Qur'an with every wedding invitation or a CD with Qur'an recitation. An invitation card can be put in a glass vessel and filled with sand/ dry scented flowers etc.. You can check some pics here 

Many brides rent wedding dresses, and many female guests rent beautiful evening dresses instead of buying.  Usually women from the family of the bride and the groom will be dressed in beautiful party dresses with hairdo and make up. Guests can wear evening dresses- but many women still will prefer to wear an abaya and shayla (out of modesty, or because they don't want to worry about a hair-do :) There is a special kind of party abaya-  made from thin see through shiffon- it has a lot of crystals and embroidery, lace. This kind of abaya can be worn on top of the evening dress or even on top of a simple black abaya.  Any beautiful abaya with crystals and colourful elements  will be totally suitable for a wedding. Some women will wear traditional Emriati dress- mukhawar    Some guests come in pretty ordinary clothes- simplest abayat and headscarves...

Personally I think that  women should try to look a bit more festive than usual. As Muslim women we don't have that many occasions to show our beauty and dress up.  Even if someone does not have money, they should still try to put some make up on, shoes with a heel, a bright colourful dress,  the jewellery they have. At least some  nice sheyla  - it will make your whole appearance more lively and festive. It's a special event, it's a celebration!

But if you will get invited to an Emirati wedding and you don't have a party dress (don't have time or means to buy) don't be shy-  you can wear any nice dress or abaya you have or even a simple abaya.The most important is that You will come to join them in joyful celebration, share their happiness.  People are more important than their clothes after all  :)

The best website for a bride-to-be is :
 There are gathered many useful websites and contact info like: photographer, wedding planner, flower shops, dental clinics and skin clinics, abaya and shailah shops, wedding and evening dresses renting shops, best chocolate and sweets shops, beauty salons etc

Red Flower Abayat - UAE

Khaleejia said: Red Flower is an abaya fashion house established by an Egyptian designer -  Manal Fahmy.
I made a post with videos of Red Flower Fashion Show  some times ago. In this post I want to share their contact info









Tel: +971 6 57 52 010
Fax: +971 6 56 39 932
P.O.Box: 69474 Sharjah. U.A.E

Emirati Evening dresses

Khaleejia said: Here's a nice video with evening dresses. The colourful dresses  can be worn by female guests for a  wedding party. Green dresses can be worn by the bride for laylat al henna.  The last dress is a wedding dress :)

February 25, 2010

Al Ghala abayat

Khaleejia said:  Al Ghala abayat "with a Moroccan Mediterranean touch "








February 20, 2010

Khaleeji Make up Tutorials

Khaleejia said:

I hope these videos will be useful to some of you :) The first video shows khaleeji  make up suggested for a henna party.

This user on You tube has a lot of tutorials on eye make up:

February 18, 2010

To my Lovely Readers

Khaleejia said: Hello my dear readers- Arabian Gulf culture lovers!

I would like to thank each and every one of you for participating in my blog!

I'm very grateful to both my followers and those random readers who find my blog through web search engines! I appreciate every comment and silent readers too! I'm very happy when I open my blog and see people from different corners of the world come to read "Khaleejia's Life". It's truly amazing! Subhan'Allah!

I'm happy that my blog is of interest and benefit to you. I try to make it positive and colourful just like khaleeji culture is  :)

Thank you everybody for your support!

Abaya fashion show videos

Khaleejia said:

"Khaleejia" - Abayat from Oman

Khaleejia said: No, this is not My shop :) 

Can be contacted trough FB Khaleejia







February 16, 2010

I wanna see these films!!!!!!

Khaleejia said: A very positive film about fashion, Gulf women, keeping  traditions alive but progressing with the rest of the world at the same time. I want to see that film!!!!

Finding Mr. & Mrs. Right: Dubai Style  is another film I"d like to watch

Yukata Abaya - Dubai

Khaleejia said: Arabic Japanese style abayat from Dubai designer Noura al Remaithi







Gulf Abaya is for Everyone.

Khaleejia said:

Abaya today is an elegant feminine garment that becomes more and more popular among women all over the world.

Basically abaya is  a  long loose dress (gown/robe) with long sleeves. Abaya comes in various colors- white, beige, blue- any color.

In the Gulf traditional abaya is of black color. In my oppinion it's one of the most elegant colors -  European couturiers often use it in their collections and black is very popular for evening dresses.  Black is perfect for work or university, shopping. Black color is kind of more official and modest, classic than a bright yellow for example. Black abaya is an over garment  Gulf Muslim women wear when in public. The bright, colorful dresses are kept for private life amongst their families, friends (and those dresses are colorful indeed- you can check them in my blog under the tag jalabiya

Abaya may be made of different fabrics, abaya comes in various shapes and designs. Gulf abaya  designers are passionate about transforming a simple abaya into a sophisticated gown that could suit to be worn by a princess. Modern Gulf abayat are made of high quality expensive fabrics, embroidery, lace, Swarovski crystals and other elements are used for decoration. Qualities and prices of abayas vary.

Gulf abayat can satisfy women of different taste in fashion. There are elegant abayat for daily wear- they are more modest and simple in decoration, have a classic feel.


For teenagers  there are abayat which incorporate fashion trends popular among the youth.

Active young women may wear an abaya with a front opening and wear trousers/ jeans underneath and sport shoes which is very comfortable for chasing children around, picnics in the countryside or for jogging. Abayas can be customized to suit  needs of the wearer. Zippers can be added on the front for nursing mothers, pockets can be added.

  There are  very expensive heavily decorated abayat for special occasions- these may have a lot of crystals and embroidery. Party abayat made of thin  chiffon and lace can be worn over an evening dress.

Modern Gulf Muslim ladies look great in their abayas- feminine and elegant, graceful.

I've met several non-Musim women who said they loved abaya and wished they could dress that way too but they were shy of what people would think.  If you like abaya- don't  be shy- try it ;) Maybe you'll LOVE it and feel comfortable in it!

You don't have to be an Arab or a Muslim to wear abaya as long as you like it.   You don't even have to live in the Gulf to feel a little bit "khaleeji", to respect and love khaleeji lifestyle or just the black abaya. Don't be afraid of looking like an "Arab/khaleeji/emirati wannabe". Local Gulf Arabs should be pleased seeing foreigners being fascinated by their culture and their traditional clothes.

There are a lot of foreign Muslim women living in the UAE. Many of them wear black abaya. An European looking woman with blue eyes in abaya is not something strange here (at least it does not surprise Me :) Some of those women are married to Emirati men,  others are married to Muslim men of different nationalities. Some of those women are not married- single. Some of them are not even Muslims- but they  all love abaya and choose to wear it.

You don't have to cover your hair in order to wear abaya if you are not a Muslim. I have a gorgeous non-Muslim friend. She does not cover her beautiful blond hair and feels confident wearing abaya - sometimes she receives comments full of admiration from other non-Muslim expat women.

I want to invite ALL women of any nationality or religion to try wearing an abaya. If  you live in the West you can opt for a non-black abaya (or jalabiya) if you are shy to look "exotic". If you live in the Middle East you may try khaleeji (Gulf) black abaya ;)

Here's an oppinion on abaya of an American expat in Abu Dhabi- I wanted to quote some things- but I'm lazy- too much to quote lol Read here her blog

There was another great blog of an expat woman from Qatar I wanted to quote- but cant find at the moment...


February 15, 2010

Popular Accessories for a Feminine Khaleeji Look: Rings & Watches

Khaleejia said: I hope all of my dear readers are doing fine :)

This post is dedicated to cute rings and watches!

These accessories are a must have for a complete elegant khaleeji look.  Gulf women are very feminine and fashionable.  That's why many girls have several beautiful watches and many rings (and earrings, necklaces,  bracelets etc ;)   There are many accessory shops  in the malls. Personally I have hard time resisting temptation to buy new rings and watches when I see how pretty they are :-O

Cute rings and watches should be worn on all occasions- weddings, school, work, at home. They add feminine charm to a woman and thus should not be disregarded by ladies. 

The most popular are big rings and watches with a lot of colourful crystals.