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March 31, 2013

Pret-a-porter and Abaya Designer EFFA presents her 2013 collection

Khaleejia said: Meeting with fabulous and famous in GCC designer Effa still ahead but she was so kind to share with me and Khaleejia's Life readers her 2013 Pret-a-porter and Abaya couture collections that she launched in March 2013. 

Dubai, March 2013: Taking inspiration from the sophisticated and delicate beauty of the East Asian landscape and heritage, Effa created a SS 2013 Pret a Porter collection that combines elements from the aesthetic of modern Japan and Korea with subtle 1950’s vintage references that merge effortlessly with her signature feminine lines to create a glamorous and truly modern collection.

Playing with the contrast of metallics and different soft and fresh spring colors like soft powder pinks, pearlescent greys, crisp white, fresh Yellow, mint green and corals. Black and white is also a strong feature, as well as a strong influence of Silver in the collection.

The fabrics used were plain silks and satins, laces, pleated skirts and printed florals. Effa’s exclusive signature print for the season drew inspiration from the Asian lilies and was contrasted with jewel elements with in the print. Effa also included a subtle ‘denim’ version of her signature print for the season to give a young and modern edge to the collection. Some of the pieces were adorned with hand beaded embroidery embellishments and the use of sequined laces and textured metallics give depth of texture to the pieces.

Full skirts, Peplums and ruffles were a strong features in the designer’s Ready to wear collection., as well as her signature draping, long flowing skirts and wide belts.  Effa’s Ready to wear collection has developed and diversified from season to season, with more than 35 looks in this collection, from red carpet gowns, cocktail dresses, evening ensembles to more casual separates that include blazers, skirts, tunics, oversized shirts relaxed trousers, tops and turbans.

The Asian influence was also present in the SS 2013 Abaya Couture collection, with a focus on looser classic cuts, using belts,  black on black hand embellishments, metallic textures, sequins drapery and laces. Effa’s signature draping remains a feature in some styles, but the focus was on mixing textures and shape. The designerplayed successfully with distinctive fabric combinations and textures to give a rich feel. “This Summer I wanted to created a versatile yet fresh and feminine collection that is effortless to wear with a focus on soft shapes, intricate laces, embellishments and beautiful prints that work perfectly in the climate of this region and equally well for summer vacations abroad”

Effa's profile:

The designer, Effa, is a Saudi national who is based in Dubai. Having graduated with a BA (hons) degree in Fashion from the  Surrey Institute of Art and Design in Epsom, United Kingdom, she began her career working as a brand manager and fashion buyer. Her role gave her invaluable experience with internationally acclaimed brands such as Christian Lacroix, Emmanuel Ungaro, Valentino and John Galliano.

Through her work as a professional fashion buyer, Effa was motivated to design a luxury fashion Abaya line that would satisfy the demands and tastes of the modern, trendy customer in the Middle East.

Her style is greatly influenced by the great designer brands that she worked with, but her Middle Eastern culture and her love of colour continue to be an inspiration for her designs. Focusing on femininity, her abayas are cut so that they emphasise and enhance the female form.

Effa is renowned for her couture like attention to detail, and each piece displays her passion for intricate design yet leaving the wearer with a luxury feel.

In 2006, Effa launched her first prêt-a-porter collection. The pieces were colourful and trendy, luxurious and feminine, whilst always incorporating an element of fun.

In spring 2007, the EFFA 'Abaya Couture' collection was launched. The Effa 'Abaya Couture' line is designed for the independent, active and modern woman that wants her abaya to reflect her personality whilst keeping her cultural identity. Coined by some as the 'little black dress' of the Middle East, there is an Effa Abaya to take you from work to play and evening with effortless style.   

By spring 2011, Effa launched her first lavish boutique in Dubai, UAE.

Her collections could be described as contemporary clothing that compliment the Middle Eastern lifestyle with a European twist.  The designer is greatly inspired by the gowns and costumes throughout history and always re-interprets these styles in a truly unique and modern way.

Effa believes that colour is life with its fresh vibrant shades. She likes experimenting with new cuts and drapery, and always aims at bringing out the best of the female form. Effa creates clothes that make women look and feel good.
Effa's philosophy is that fashion should bring out the femininity and glamour in a woman, and her designs are a successful combination of brilliant colours, special luxurious fabrics, signature in house-prints and beautiful cuts aiming at showing off the best of a woman regardless of her shape or size.

March 30, 2013

Ana @rabi A Project launched in Dubai\2013\ياعربي" مشروع أطلق من دبي

Khaleejia said: Ana @rabi "I am an Arab" a project that we have been waiting for years or decades in the Middle East as this is the place where Arab speaking users and the future generation will find the information they need in Arabic as "I am an Arab" is a search engine in Arabic which is safe, in the sense that the content will be closed and will be subject to screening and assessment processes before submission to the site.

I had the honor to attend the press conference that held at the Emirates Towers, Dubai to launch the project, where were hosted elite artists and media, such as Hussein Al Jasmi who was selected to be an  ambassador of Arab Knowledge for the project and Fayez Al Saeed, Yousuf Al Omani, Abdulla Bulkhair, Maysa Mahgrahe, the announcer Saud Al-Kaabi, Lejeune Umran, Roaa Al Saban, the fashion icon Lameta Franjieh, a popular,Dubai based fashion designer Walid Atallah and Dr. Majd from the Liberty Dental Clinic. 

We thank Abdullqader Tahboub the owner and the founder of the project for the creative idea and his team. Thus, as we, Al Khaleejia life blog promise to induct more feature in Arabic and for Arabic users. 

مشروع أطلق من دبي 

 دعوة جميلة لمشروع أجمل "أنا عربي" مشروع كنا ننتظره منذ سنوات أو إذا صح التعبير منذ عقود، طرح من أجل المستخدم العربي في الوطن العربي وللأجيال القادمة  وسيجد المستخدم كل 
.المعلومات التي يحتاجها باللغة العربية. أنا عربي هو محرك بحث بالعربي وآمن،  بمعنى أن المحتوى سيكون مغلق وسيخضع لعمليات غربله وتقييم قبل رفعه إلى الموقع. 

تشرفت مدونة حياة الخليجية بحضور الموتمر الصحافي الذي انعقد في أبراج الإمارات لإطلاق المشروع والذي حضره نخبة من الفنانين والإعلاميين، مثل الفنان حسين الجسمي والذي تم إعطائه لقب سفير المعرفة العربية للمشروع وفايز السعيد سفير الألحان والفنان يوسف العماني والفنان عبدالله بالخير والمذيع المتألق سعود الكعبي والمذيعة المتألقة لوجين عمران والمتألقة أيضاً رؤى الصبان والجميلة لميتا فرنجية ومصمم الأزياء العالمي وليد عطالله والفنانة ميساء مغربي والتي أصرت على تقديم المؤتمر لأهمية المشروع ولها أول حساب ضمن شبكة ياعربي. وأيضاً كان من بينهم د.مجد من عيادة ليبرتي لطب الأسنان والذي بدوره ساهم في دعم المشروع بحيث اعتمد الحساب الإلكتروني لياعربي له ولكل موظفيه. ولايمكن آن يكون بالخير حاضراً ولانستمع لكلامه الجميل  وصوته الشجي وحاز على هتاف وتصفيق الحضور وختم به الموتمر 

ونشكر عبالقادر طهبوب صاحب ومؤسس مشروع أنا عربي على الفكرة الخلاقة  وفريق العمل والمشاركين على الجهد الذي بذلوه وسبذلونه في الأيام القادمة ولإنشائهم حسابات إلكترونية على .الشبكة للحضور ومن جهتنا سيجد قراء مدونة حياة الخليجية مواضيع أكثر 
باللغة العربية 

March 23, 2013

Cute promotion of Khaleejia's life on Smartphone

Khaleejia said: Thanks to Abbas for this cool Khaleejia's Life Blog promotional posing. 
Keep in touch, Stay tuned and browse "Khaleejia's Life" from your Samsung, iPhone, Blackberry or other smartphone:) 

March 22, 2013

Mother's Day Family Celebration Photos

Khaleejia said: As i promised, Mother's day celebration photos, that is done by one of my best friend Afra, just yesterday during the event at her home with her family, specially for Khaleejia's Life readers.

March 21, 2013

Mother's Day and Arabian Horse Championship in Dubai 2013

Khaleejia said: Dubai filled with the scents of celebrations.

Today we celebrate the Mother's Day which has become a very popular festive. Every family prepare a special treat and buy generous gifts to the mothers. (Some pictures of the family celebration will be done later today exclusively for the Khaleejia's Life readers)

Another event that happened today is the International Arabian Horse championship opened by HH Sheikh Hamdan AL Maktoom. An amazing beauty of the arabian horses will be demonstrated during 3 days in the World Trade Centre,Dubai where visitors can also experience local culture at the traditional Heritage Village, which will showcase the UAE's authentic cuisine, clothing, handicraft, calligraphy and more.

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March 18, 2013

Emirati youth support preserving culture. Our mission is featured by UAE newspaper Al Bayan

Khaleejia said: It was an honor for me and my friends to visit Park of sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed for Family Gatherings in Dubai. Being received by head of the Heritage Department  and Studies of the Environment Jumaa bin Thalith we learnt in details how was the life in the previous times when there was no even electricity. The life in the desert and at the sea was really hard yet beautiful and amazing. Our visit was featured by Al Bayan (Newspaper, UAE )  on 15/03/2013

March 17, 2013

IT's Sugar 'Celebrates UAE' Party photo report

Khaleejia said: IT's Sugar 'Celebrates UAE' Party at the Mall of the Emirates Dubai with hosted DJ Bliss, was kind of a twist of style, sweet & traditional party that made everyone feel as we are all kids. I thank Azza Al Amri for her warm invitation and wish you all who ever visits Emirates Mall in Dubai, come in the shop and turn yourself into a naughty child whatever age you are. 

All guests were welcomed by traditional Arabic Gahwa and tea

 M&Ms with al Dalla3a - i love this shot.

DJ Bliss ( you may know him from Dubai One Tv channel) was warming all public with arabian and house rhythms. 

 Camel legs made of candies :) so cute!

With love by Khaleejia,
Photo: by Khaleejia