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July 31, 2012

Ajman Museum - pics

Khaleejia said:

What to do during Ramdan? We are in the middle of summer and the hot weather discourages from spending time outdoors. Coffee shops are closed till the evening and the atmosphere in the malls is pretty dull.  Why not do something different and visit a museum? This is a great opportunity to learn more about UAE culture, history and about Islam too. I'll share pics of several museums. I hope you enjoy the pics and maybe somebody will be encouraged to visit these places and explore the UAE sights further.

Ajman Musuem

Tel: +971-6-7423824

 pics via neangel_ya

July 26, 2012

Ramadani funny series NEW 2012 by Khaled AlJabri

Khaleejia said: Ramadan is a blessed month. We all love it and enjoy the fasting. Most of us know how to fast from Quran, families and teachers, but there is always something special that may not everyone notice- it is how we actually spend it in the real life. Famous Emirati writer & cartoonist and my friend Khaled Al Jabri launched his caricature Ramadan series where he features all those hidden yet true facts of the modern Ramadani fasting habits in al Khaleej (the Gulf).

Day1 : " How to watch all those TV serials in Ramadan?"
Day 2 : Which serial to watch?
 Day 3: Do you fasting this year?
 Day 4 : "Levels of danger": Lion, Cobra and a fasting man at work.
 Day 5 : "Attention! Fasting people in front!
 Day 6: Before 1 minute of al-Athan al Fajr(call to the morning pray):
 Day 7: "Ramadan shopping- food sparing": Woman : "Only?!"

To be continued... stay tuned:

July 24, 2012

My humble THANK YOU to the special one

Khaleejia said: During all the years i had few difficult times with ability to keep blog updated. I knew you was waiting for the new posts and felt some guilty. At that time i met this special person who was so kind to help me and support. I got not only support in publishing but also was encouraged by my friend to keep what i've been doing that's why i want to write this post and say thank you. As since February 2009 she is my co-author. From 320 published posts in this blog my friend created around 150 posts. She covered different topics: arabic perfumes, abayas, jalabiyas, gulf henna and make up. My friend is a very humble person, who made a big impact on this blog but never asked anything in return. I write this post to  give credits to her work. My dear friend, Khaleejia's Life Blog would not be what it is today without your input. I highly appreciate your efforts and say THANK YOU.

July 21, 2012

Ramadan Greetings

 Ramadan Mubarak! 
Let me wish a blessed Ramadan to my Muslim readers!
 May Allah accept your good deeds, fasting and prayers!

This beautiful photo by Afra

July 6, 2012

Talented Dubai girl’s sweet & UNiQuE dreams..

005Khaleejia said: I met Abeer in one of the local photo-art exhibition in Dubai, where she was presenting her sweet artworks in the buffet. She was a friend of my friend who introduced me to her after i got amazed of the decoration and delicious taste, and that’s how i knew her & her sweet story:
Talent of making sweets appeared since youth but the real interest started few years ago.
When Abeer started making sweets at home for her family and friends she was receiving many comments like: “Why don’t you launch your own business?” And there it was the real beginning.
At first I started getting support from my dear mother. Always she us ahead to realize our dreams. And with a special support of an Emirati artist-Dr. Najat Makki. But inspiration came to me from Al-Joker family that loves creativity and art. And special thanks to Hossa Ali Al-Joker. Also I thank and appreciate everyone who supported and keep on supporting me.
Abeer planned the project in 2010 and after 1 year of planning she started her “Artocolate” company. At first she was communicating with her customers by phone, email and social media (Facebook, Twitter).

As Abeers sweets have unique artistic stamp she decided to present her sweets in the art exhibitions. The very first exhibition was called “ The Emirati Eyes” hosting art-works of 6 photografers from UAE members of Al-Awees Cultural Organization. It was successful and Abeer built new plans to participate by her “sweet” art-works in such exhibitions around the country.

As soon as the project successfully was launched Abeer went further and decided to present her achievements and ideas to CSR (Social Service) to share her own experience with the community.

And she keeps on moving forward with more ideas following her dreams.
Abeer mentioned: "I am still in the beginning of the way and if God bless me I am going to reach the top of the mountain."