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July 31, 2012

Ajman Museum - pics

Khaleejia said:

What to do during Ramdan? We are in the middle of summer and the hot weather discourages from spending time outdoors. Coffee shops are closed till the evening and the atmosphere in the malls is pretty dull.  Why not do something different and visit a museum? This is a great opportunity to learn more about UAE culture, history and about Islam too. I'll share pics of several museums. I hope you enjoy the pics and maybe somebody will be encouraged to visit these places and explore the UAE sights further.

Ajman Musuem

Tel: +971-6-7423824

 pics via neangel_ya


  1. A very good piece of advice! I've never been to Ajman Museums but I've visited all of Sharjah's- very interesting and you can see they're a result of much effort.

  2. wow this is is touching to see these pictures with how life was in UAE before the civilisation changed the locals and its sad how everything has changed and keeps changing....

    Its nice to preserve memories and some of this practice which is what the true beauty of the country is all aout....


will appreciate your kind notes :)