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May 31, 2010

wHoo WE aaRe..


I just have finished this pic today and want2share it with you all! hope you’ll like it:))))))
For those who didn’t get the idea of the picture..;) :
We aRe MUSLIM girls! we wear HIjAb and AbAyA tHat are ..yeah –BLaCK and yeah..its cover our beauty  ..bUt only from bad eyes of those who are jealous and from the eyes of the men who do not deserve to see it;)

under our BLACK abayas  WE have wHite HeaRTs and wear  stuff of the WORLD brAnds’  nAmEs ;)
We are open-minded and creative, kind and educated, caring for our families and friends, always giving and taking with pleasure ;)

we  love shopping but adore buying things for our beloved;) . we fast daily for one month every year (for religious purpose)  & we also pray everyday and ask blessings for our moms and dads cos’ their love to us is something huge and incredible! we pray for  all our brothers-in-law, sisters-in-law , fathers-in-law, mothers-in-law, and for anyone else we care -  we know that Allah gave us mercy and we have to give more heart to those who are in need;) We enjoy traveling and meeting new people,cos' it brings us new experience, we rare feel shamed but often feel shy. We have some drawbacks but we always work on ourselves to be better and to have more success in life. sure We love trying out different diets but can never resist  rice& meat ;) We adore laughing and sharing our good mood and good  news with our friends from all over the world! we are very emotional cos’ we feel that  emotions make life colorful but we are cautious to  show our feelings to strangers. We do not forget the good others do to us but forgive the bad. we are hospitable  and generous. surely we are sociable but our homes and families are like our treasure that we do not show to everyone as it's too precious to us and we care about our dignity and the dignity of our family...We love everything that is beautiful, luxurious,chic, fabulous and gorgeous but we DO respect simplicity and traditions...

aNd sOmeTimes…

We love , we hate, we laugh, we cry, we remember, we forget, we talk, we’re completely silent, we’re busy we’re lazy, we drink coffee  with cardamon, we drink soda , prefer Mc Donald’s/kentaki to restaurants;) we drive ourselves;)

AND we speak too much:))))))))))

WiTh LoVE frOm kHaLEEjia

May 27, 2010


I got this mail today and decided to publish it in the blog  in order to get more attention to this problem of abuse in general and to the  women abuse in the families.
stop abuse
Subject: Ghalya is looking for a male mode/female model in Dubai for Ghalya website
Dear members,
Ghalya is looking for a new model for the Ghalya website as we are currently working on updating the website, we need a male and female model, kindly note this is a voluntary position but lunch or dinner should be covered.
If you are living in UAE please contact me directly at: because we would like to get a model as soon as possible.
Ghalya Founder
City of Hope - organization in Dubai that provides shelter and hope to  all women who  met with domestic abuse . The organization wanted  to raise awareness and encourage women to speak up. One of the  way  to reach woman attention was  distributing a different kind of beauty kit in the shopping malls, especially at cosmetics/beauty products stores or shops that cater exclusively to women..
ad against domestic abuse  
The cover of the ‘City of Hope’ beauty kits are plain black. Inside, covering twelve eye-shadow and two blush covers are sixteen “if” messages, i.e.; “If dragged across the floor”, “If punched in the face”, “If burnt with an iron.” On the brush applicator is the answer for what to do in those situations, “Don’t cover up injustice. Speak. 050 6516511 [phone number]. City of Hope” see full article
For those who think that Islam gives no right to women i answer:
1. I am Muslima thanks to God and declare that Quran said  that women must  be treated the  most  tender  the most beautiful  the most respected way by men and even in case she has done something bad her husband may not hurt her nor physically neither emotionally.  Duties of husband to  wife are more strict  than ones of wife to husband
2. As married woman i declare that my muslim  husband cover all my needs without any reminding from my side.  I have  full choice for my money/ time whether  to spend it for my education or self-improvement,or hobbies  or children or visiting family or sleeping till lunch time. Woman in muslim family more protected than man. We usually have more quiet and safe life than even our husbands who fighting the world to provide us with  all we need.  If i am weak or sick or just don’t  like or don’t have mood  to  cook/clean house /wash clothes/even feed baby with milk so nobody has right to make me doing such things( as it is not my duty as wife/woman according to shariah) unless  i  do it by my own wish .
3. In case of divorce that by the way allowed in Islam but considered as the worst act among permissibility . all Woman needs  have to be covered for about 4 months after divorce  and in case she discover that she is pregnant  so  this obligatory(food,house,clothes,money provision) extends for the whole term until she delivers. And then needs of her child have to be fully covered until he/she reaches come of age.
All that above is mercy , all that below  are sins. Now think who dare to abuse  any woman deserves what? and God exists!
If you agree plz comment! Your word is important to give the correct image about Woman in Islam and prevent abuse of our belief.

Kuwaiti make-up artist (continue)

My previous post  was about spa-salon in Kuwait actually this was not correct and now i am in hurry to add more detailed info.
So this is Glamour Salon  -  is a beauty service company located in Kuwait in alshaab bahri area. The company exists since  2001. At this moment the beauty center is renovated to host various beauty departments, Hair, Makeup, Nail lounge, Spa Rooms, Facial Rooms & more..The jewel of the Glamor Salong is  Abeer Alyaseen -  one of the leading khaleeji make-up artists.abeera1 abeera2  abeera4 abeera3
visiting the site helps you understand more about her work. Click the DVD tab. and get into the details of the whole service Glamour salon.

May 21, 2010

SPA salons in the GULF(fi-el-khaleej)

When you think about SPA atmosphere  you  imagine  calm relaxing music, candles, pools, saunas and of cause the air filled with aroma-scents, don’t you? But for real Gulf spa this is not enough to compete on the SPA’s market of Thailand, Greece, Egypt, Switzerland and the rest of the world. Then, what is the “Gulf” spa? I have to mention all those things from above  and add one word- LUXURY, but will put it at the beginning of the list. Yeah! SPAs here are GORGEOUS! And bravo to those designers who use their best  ideas to create something like that, giving me one more way to feel that I am not just  a woman but  A QUEEN. :)))))))))))

May 14, 2010

So cool Hamdoon!

Khaleejia said: Marhaba sa'a!- Hello! Introducing a new cartoon from the UAE. Cartoons have become a powerful medium for promoting local culture, saving the heritage, addressing important social issues. Both adults and children can identify themselves with the favourite cartoon heroes.  This cartoon promoting patriotism and pride in national identity. In addition it aims to instil values, ethics based on the noble teachings of Islam.

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Gulf Abaya designers

Khaleejia said: Introducing some more khaleeji abaya designers...

Ashyana Couture on FB
 Gazelli on FB

 Monya Collection on FB

May 7, 2010

Arabic/Khaleeji Make-UP Salon

Khaleejia said:  Introducing a Make-up Artist: Seta Al-Humaidi in Qatar
Tel: +974-5791457