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May 27, 2010

Kuwaiti make-up artist (continue)

My previous post  was about spa-salon in Kuwait actually this was not correct and now i am in hurry to add more detailed info.
So this is Glamour Salon  -  is a beauty service company located in Kuwait in alshaab bahri area. The company exists since  2001. At this moment the beauty center is renovated to host various beauty departments, Hair, Makeup, Nail lounge, Spa Rooms, Facial Rooms & more..The jewel of the Glamor Salong is  Abeer Alyaseen -  one of the leading khaleeji make-up artists.abeera1 abeera2  abeera4 abeera3
visiting the site helps you understand more about her work. Click the DVD tab. and get into the details of the whole service Glamour salon.

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  1. hala wala...i love the first can i get thet hair style???...i also love the head band she is wearing



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