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February 23, 2011

الشاعرة العمانية العنود

Khaleejia said:enjoy this Omani poetess and many other khaleeji stuff in this video))

February 13, 2011

مطاردة البنات في مراكز قطر

Khaleejia said: it's qatari film that in funny way represents how guys trying to get in touch with girls in the molls))

February 6, 2011

Where to Buy a Burqa

Khaleejia said:

I'm often asked on my blog where to buy a burqa in the UAE.  As you know, burqa is not a very popular accessory nowadays. Very few Emirati women still wear it.  You can't easily find burqas in the shops, because they are not in demand.  Local women usually get their burqas from other women, who make burqas at home.  If you don't know any Emiratis who could get you a burqa through their relatives or friends, then you could try one of these shops in Dubai:

In this video about traditional weddings you can see older Emirati women wearing a burqa

Nowadays a burqa is a disappearing traditional accessory.

In 2009 there was even an attempt to "revive" a burqa in a form of Burqa Shades, a project by  Fitch... You can try the BQ glasses on their website: