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February 23, 2011

الشاعرة العمانية العنود

Khaleejia said:enjoy this Omani poetess and many other khaleeji stuff in this video))


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  2. The embellishemnt on that hijab is GORGEOUS!!!! Mashallah!

  3. i used to watch this show allll the time
    i dont understand lol but i used to loove watching what the host was gonna wear next.
    plz can u tell me were i can see this show on the internet?

  4. Can you give the name of the show, or that one episode because the user of that video deleted the lip, and now i can't watch it :(

    thank you, i loved the video!

  5. Unfortunately i dont remember what was this show but i give u couple of links maybe it will replace somehow the missing video

    the related videos can be also liked by you.


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