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February 13, 2011

مطاردة البنات في مراكز قطر

Khaleejia said: it's qatari film that in funny way represents how guys trying to get in touch with girls in the molls))


  1. hi , it's my first visit to your blog hope it's not the last time :p

    i like the show but i think flirting in molls now is becomes an old habits , guys in kuwait get boring of followaing girls so it's the opposite now :p girls gives boys the number or BB or whatever :p

    life get easier now :p

  2. طموحة مملوحة, thanx for passing by and leaving your funny comment)) its true- nowadays,life realy getting easier!
    but still it's pretty traditional)) just hope that after women take everything in their hands men won't become lazier))
    r.alsharif-thank u as well)


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