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April 15, 2009


Khaleejia said:
I was asked about different kinds of  wrapping shaylah and i agree that we don't have to look always the same way even if it is the most beautiful and stylish anybody can get bored . Also i know that not every company even in arab countries  allow women to wear black shaylah (some strange Co. do not allow their female collegues wear hijab at all!) Hope you dont have such a kind weird situation.
So,here two perfect  islamic-(no hair no bangs, no revealed earings or neck, skin&hair color)khaliji hijabis (the presenters on dubai tv). To do the same kind of wrapping you ll need long and wide colored shaylah (with any nice print),i like when fabrics look expensive;) even if they are not. so SILK then satin, shiffon,crep-shifon, crepe-georgette et. start wrapping as always but where you fold it keep the edges loosy and cover your chin. may be you will feel that your head look bigger but no need to be confused as it in fact makes your shoulder look more narrow that one of the sign of the woman's beauty;) The loosy folds will also give some affects to your face,your lips will look more plumpy and your eyes bigger and kinder.
P.S. use huge clip or not its all up to you. But i advise to use bandana under the shaylah as it will keep it better on the head,preventing from sliding and dishevelled look.

Well, this is realy nice way to wrap your shaylah but it is not enough for those who has active life. This wrap is really good for work for dinning out,shopping but not for going to fitness center, beach or walking with kids in some park. For that case we need something more casual and comfortable but still awesome;) I,myself prefer using normal black (another color can be done as well)without huge prints shaylah not very wide and long just that one which i can wrap twice around my head and i do it without any clip on my hair as i dont like anything "spoil" the natural look, as shaylah is wrapped rather tight in zone that around face and other side just as it is. huge sunglases just complement the final look. For this described wrap i use only two pins or even 1 just fix in the end the edges of the both levels on the side of my chin. Also doing this wrap chin and forehead can be revealed as much opened as it can be, i think its make girl's look more self-confident well may be its just my feelings.
Hope you liked it;)

April 12, 2009

Emirati girls sketch

Khaleejia said: Khaleejias in sketches by different authors


Khaleejia said:
Amazing VIDEO STORY about traditional way of raising and training horses in the deserts of the UAE by an Emirati Bedouin horsemaster Ali Al Amri who follows his owns his intuition inherited from his forefathers.


Khaleejia said:
Not once i heard from non-arab people that burqa makes woman's face uglier, that is completely not true. For Arabs burqa is something very gorgeous, as it was designed to imitate features of falcon that was always a symbol of Elegance,Pride and Power.

At first look many people mistakenly think that burqa made of gold or other metals. In fact, all burqas are made of linen fabrics that usualy imported from India. First the fabrics are colored to blue or violet colors then they are rubbed by a glass ball until the fabrics gets metallic luster. Burqa made of highly starchy linen which is painted with  gold color.
nowadays,burqa is not so popular as 30 years ago but still is wearing by women all over gulf region. And still respected by young generation. You still can buy hand-made, made on sewing machine burqas, price varies between 10 to 20 Emirati dirhams per each one.
Also should mention that burqa is not Islamic but cultural tradition.

April 8, 2009


The Arab originally appeared in what is now Syria, Iraq, Iran, and in other parts of the Arabian Peninsula. In the begining the Arabian horse was used for wars. Arabs who lived in desert- Bedouins have generally been credited with the beginning of the pure breeding of Arabian horses. The Bedouins were the first owners of the Arabian horse and they bred them to be what they are today. Bedouins would also race their horses, the winner receiving the best horses from the herd of the loser. It was a great honor to receive a mare as a gift, as they had  a great price. The horse that had been owned by Bedouin would stay in the tent with its owner. The Arabian horses have been working with people for over 1500 years. They were bred as desert war horses and as human friends. Arabian thoroughbreds are regarded as the purest and oldest breed of horses in the world. No other horse has had such a great influence on so many other breeds. Arabian horse is known for its strength, beauty, and stamina that has got admiration and adoration. Ancient breeding originated in the Middle East and has been around since at least 2000 B.C.,up to 5000 B.C. as some scintifics say.And for sure there are many myths and theories concerning the Arabian horse as they play a great role in lifes of nations. Most traditional legends including the Bedouin legends surround the Arabs roots in history. In most cases Arabians are considered a gift from God. The origin of the name Arab is unclear, possibly it deprived the concept of homadism "Arab ha". Showing or pleasure riding Arabs became the breed of choice in endurance in the world because of their stamina and agility. It is unknown whether Arabs were needed for the Bedouin to insure their survival. 
There are several characteristics of the Arabian horse that make the Arabian horse different from any other kind of horse. Their most noticeable characteristic of the Arabian is their head and face. Sometimes their delicate ears curve inwards.The Arabian horse has a very delicate build. It also has an arched neck with a long and flowing mane and tail. Arabian horses are the smallest of all the breeds in the world! The average Arabian horse is between 14 and 15 hand tall (57"). They rarely get to be over 15.2 hands. Some Arabs have one less vertebrae than other horses which gives them a short, but strong back.They are the only breed of horse to have only 17 ribs. Most other breeds have18 ribs.Arabian's are said to probably be the most beautiful breed of horses in the world. They have a small and proud head with always alert small ears. Their faces tend to dip in with a delicate muscle . Arabians are many different colors, most commonly they are graychestnut, bay, roan, brown, and sometimes black.There was said to be some religious symbolism in the Arabs features. Some said the large forehead held the blessings of Allah. The high tail was a symbol of pride. The arched neck of the Arab was a sign of courage. The broad chest, strong yet short back as well as a sloped shoulder give them power.



Khaleejia said:
There is a site of professioanl kuweti make-up artist she works in different categories as CLASSIC,TRENDY,BRIDAL AND CELEB make-up. Her site
and some preview:



I ador green eyeshadows and i believe its perfect for any eye color



Btw, set of arabic make-up is on flickr,i think its pics are the most popular  anyway i think its nice to see all those pics u can meet all over the web in one place.

April 5, 2009


Khaleejia said:
I must confirm now that khaleeji girls are very creative. Just look at these hand-made works that is so cute. I found it on flickr here the link

henna for eid...traditional and sweet
home-made earings (emirati flag)
gift wrap
nail ring!!! love it!
ordinary hand back after makeover

kid's abaya,shaylah and earings hand-made decoration
abaya sleeve and mobile phone, home decorated

one more KHALEEJI GIRL on flickr posted some nice stuff that she posesses. I hope you ll be interested in this. Among her things she shares are earing, abayas,shaylas,shoes and bags.

April 4, 2009


Khaleejia said:
Browsing net i stuck on one fan group over flickr where creative fans express their love to A7lam one of the first Emirati woman singer who has beautiful voice and songs. I personaly love her as a singer too! Anyway i could not prevent myself from posting this beautiful artworks of A7lam lovers. They are gorgeous. Here is a link to the author and you can see there even more his artworks of A7lam.