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April 8, 2009


The Arab originally appeared in what is now Syria, Iraq, Iran, and in other parts of the Arabian Peninsula. In the begining the Arabian horse was used for wars. Arabs who lived in desert- Bedouins have generally been credited with the beginning of the pure breeding of Arabian horses. The Bedouins were the first owners of the Arabian horse and they bred them to be what they are today. Bedouins would also race their horses, the winner receiving the best horses from the herd of the loser. It was a great honor to receive a mare as a gift, as they had  a great price. The horse that had been owned by Bedouin would stay in the tent with its owner. The Arabian horses have been working with people for over 1500 years. They were bred as desert war horses and as human friends. Arabian thoroughbreds are regarded as the purest and oldest breed of horses in the world. No other horse has had such a great influence on so many other breeds. Arabian horse is known for its strength, beauty, and stamina that has got admiration and adoration. Ancient breeding originated in the Middle East and has been around since at least 2000 B.C.,up to 5000 B.C. as some scintifics say.And for sure there are many myths and theories concerning the Arabian horse as they play a great role in lifes of nations. Most traditional legends including the Bedouin legends surround the Arabs roots in history. In most cases Arabians are considered a gift from God. The origin of the name Arab is unclear, possibly it deprived the concept of homadism "Arab ha". Showing or pleasure riding Arabs became the breed of choice in endurance in the world because of their stamina and agility. It is unknown whether Arabs were needed for the Bedouin to insure their survival. 
There are several characteristics of the Arabian horse that make the Arabian horse different from any other kind of horse. Their most noticeable characteristic of the Arabian is their head and face. Sometimes their delicate ears curve inwards.The Arabian horse has a very delicate build. It also has an arched neck with a long and flowing mane and tail. Arabian horses are the smallest of all the breeds in the world! The average Arabian horse is between 14 and 15 hand tall (57"). They rarely get to be over 15.2 hands. Some Arabs have one less vertebrae than other horses which gives them a short, but strong back.They are the only breed of horse to have only 17 ribs. Most other breeds have18 ribs.Arabian's are said to probably be the most beautiful breed of horses in the world. They have a small and proud head with always alert small ears. Their faces tend to dip in with a delicate muscle . Arabians are many different colors, most commonly they are graychestnut, bay, roan, brown, and sometimes black.There was said to be some religious symbolism in the Arabs features. Some said the large forehead held the blessings of Allah. The high tail was a symbol of pride. The arched neck of the Arab was a sign of courage. The broad chest, strong yet short back as well as a sloped shoulder give them power.



  1. WOW!!!!!! great details. One reason I admire arab culture is horses.

    For me, Horse is the most beautiful animal on the planet. I am a big fan of horses......

    Thanks for sharing a whole lot information....

  2. u re welcome,i truly understand you as half of my family have strongly addiction to it. i personaly not so much as my sister who has got 11 horses and every day she spends hours with them in her stable. she is a jockey. well i think there is no knaleejia without a post about arabian horse ;) that i personaly consider are the most beautifull among horses.
    also who is interested to see Dubai racing channel go to
    that presents direct from UAE lots of programs about arab horses world championships helding in emirates,KSA or abroad. You can realy see that horses in Arab world still have equal meaning to pride.

  3. mashaAllah!
    They say once you have tried the Arabian horse you will want no other. T have only tried one that was half Arabian but that was worth it all too mashaAllah. they are just precious.

    I think I would be like your sister if I had a chance for that.. I used to be at the stables all day long after school as a girl.

  4. I am an australian teen ager, and love horses,
    I hope to become a groom when i leave school, move up to manager, then even a breeder or trainer.... All the whle do endurance riding comps....

    I ride a 16hh white anglo arab and he is just gorgeous. It is very dry in australia, so most of the time he is brown... We gave him a very good wash yesterday and we were reminded of his beauty....

    Do you take hose photos yourself?? they are amazing, theycapture the beauty of the arabian horse...

    I would like to keep in touch???

    My email is,

    I hope i am not invading, i just am wanting to learna s much as i can about horses, especially arabs, and i can see you have a bit of that...

    Thankyou for your tme,


  5. Lovely photos! Arabian horses are my favorite- they're so spirited and loving. :) They're the best to ride. I love your site- it's so gorgeous!


will appreciate your kind notes :)