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April 12, 2009


Khaleejia said:
Not once i heard from non-arab people that burqa makes woman's face uglier, that is completely not true. For Arabs burqa is something very gorgeous, as it was designed to imitate features of falcon that was always a symbol of Elegance,Pride and Power.

At first look many people mistakenly think that burqa made of gold or other metals. In fact, all burqas are made of linen fabrics that usualy imported from India. First the fabrics are colored to blue or violet colors then they are rubbed by a glass ball until the fabrics gets metallic luster. Burqa made of highly starchy linen which is painted with  gold color.
nowadays,burqa is not so popular as 30 years ago but still is wearing by women all over gulf region. And still respected by young generation. You still can buy hand-made, made on sewing machine burqas, price varies between 10 to 20 Emirati dirhams per each one.
Also should mention that burqa is not Islamic but cultural tradition.


  1. Asalaamu alaikum,
    Awesome1 Thanks for the falcon reference. That is really cool!

  2. Wow! I have never seen one that looked like this! I always thought a burqa was floor length and usually blue or lavender. Cool! I learned something new!

  3. asalaamu alaikum

    I posted about these over on my blog because I am slowly working on a series of postings about traditional dress that minority groups in Iran wear and the bandari 'arab women in Southern Iran on the Persian Gulf wear this sort of burqa/mask and there is also another kind that women in that area also wear, it's made of red material and a great deal bigger and stiffer than these ones.
    you will need to scroll through 1-2 pages to get to the entry but it's there!

    Umm Ibrahim

  4. Gorgeous photographs!

  5. Salaamaualikum,

    I was wondering where you could buy them online? i collect niqabs. burqas. all of it and i cant find them ANYWHERE!

  6. Dear KHalijia,

    Its great to see such an informative blog...its very presentable specially because its in English so gives more exposure to foreigners...

    Anyways...I was wondering if you had any idea where I can buy traditional UAE burqas? I've already got a couple from an exhibition in Dubai mall but thy weren't that nicely done like the ones in your pictures here...

    Would really appreciate the info...

    Many Thanks

  7. Thank you Nellie!

    If you google "burqa ae" you'll get the link to a website that sells them on-line

  8. Salaam Khaleejia :)
    Where can I buy these burqa in Dubai? At the souk?

  9. i finally got my hands on a burqa. it is so lovely! please check out my blog to read about it! i have linked you!!!

  10. Hi khaleejia.

    These images on your blog are amazing. Is there any place where I can buy these images. I'm a graphic designer and I'm designing graphics for an upcoming abaya store. It's difficult to get such exquisite images anywhere on the internet. Please do let me know if I can buy them.



will appreciate your kind notes :)