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October 30, 2008

My tutorial. How to wrap niqab - 5aliji look

Khaleejia said:
i got a comment for one of my post that made me do this post. i greatly appreciate every attention to my blog and any your comment where you can feel free to express your feelings and wish. That sometimes help me to do new posts that i hope are useful for someone or interesting at least.
Niqab has a huge veryety of shapes, models and other differences according to exact country India

Iraq Saudia
and individual preferences,but it always means- a cloth that cover woman's face leaving eyes open. Some women prefer wear ready-to-wear or one-peace niqab some make it with shayla as i am going to present here. I must notice that this way i use in case i am not going to restaurant while i am outside as soon as it will cause some uncomfortable with eating. But it doesn't mean that i can't eat or drink, i can and its ok if it doesn't take a lot of time and meal is not soup or something with salsa. for that case i use separate black not a big (size of bandana) cloth that i pin to my shayla and i can have my dinner very easy where ever it happens. Sure that i dont mean such restaurants where there are tables separated from another with curtains where woman can completely open her face. Its actually very comfortable but not every restaurant has it. I hope i was clear with this point.
1. shayla , i dont know the size of my own shayla i think its about 120cm/70cm may be a bit bigger , smaller size possible but is not so good for a fine wrap
i use such claw or clip before i wrap my shayla (in some of my previous posts i put a photo of my own )
cover head with shayla like on the pic.
then i pin shayla under the chin with any pin i like (except a safe one, i never use them)

take a long side and wrap it around the head

make sure that the edge of the shayla lie a very nice way revealing all its pattern and not very low cos we will need its loosy part that was left under the chin.
then i take that loose part of the shayla under my chin measuring it i check if it can easy reach my eyes and the same time stay enough wide and loose. It will be double levels of material of the shayla and even if its a shifon it will not be transparent.
then i pin one side on the left at the level of my eyes or a little bit lowerwith a slight straching shayla over my nose i pin the right side as well
My last move it is arranging shayla on the top. Using a nice decorated shining pin i fix my shayla with it on the top for a fine look.

pin for the top can be something like this one on the next pic.
ok, now you can see the final look

it is loosy and high. Forehead and eyebrow can be easily covered with the same shayla or additional bandana under it.

October 23, 2008

finding the main difference&internet in life of khaleeji women

Khaleejia said: That's what i am thinking about... Life in arab countries is not same like in the rest of the world a lot of arab people tend to be like others(on the other side) but they are not fully succeed until they move out. what is the biggest difference? i am afraid to say that word to not let some understand its wrong but i supposed to say it at least i will hope that everyone will put a good meaning in it. so ... the word is freedom or i would say-life without boundaries/life without rules. It is when you do something and nobody dare judge you because its not their business. i am not talking about gossip. i am talking about ppl's attitude to ourselves. More over they would say nothing in case someone commit some crime or crazy things like be covered with tattoos all over the body ( one not young woman covered the75% of her body with colored tattoos) or whatever. But there is a strange thing i can not understand..why people allow themselves to judge those who like living according to the rules, traditions, especially if all of these things came from religion?! By the way i didn't find a big difference between people from different continents and countries, mostly they are the same and English language made world speak one language. so..does it mean that the boundaries we chose for ourselves is the only real difference between us? Someone can easily have a boyfriend/girlfriend but someone can not even imaging himself in a such situation because he or she believes that there is no anything good in relations without marriage. Someone can easily get drunk but another never drinks alcohol. He or she believes that its very disgusting action because drunk people's behavior is very ugly and can bring a lot of harm to themselves and others as well. Sure i can continue with a lot of other examples but its not what i want to write here. Also My post is about girls who live in arab countries and have their adaptation to new demands of the world in aspect of traditional and religious customs where they are very informed, intelligent, talented, beautiful, careful, but the same time their lives belong to their families, parents, husbands, children. i believe that its the most desirable thing for a lot of woman to be able build her beautiful home, care about her family, share success and problems with her family, women live to make faces smile... But there is one thing she may also need. She need to share her mood, her ideas, her interior world with the same women like she is. For what..may be to get an advice or opposite-to help someone who she can. Internet brings this opportunity without leaving your house find those who you need. A specially its so actual for arabs who live among strong rules. Government also helps women building a huge women web sites (like TV-channel MBC built www., forums, where any woman can be realy helpful in any field or she can get any support for her own case from how to organize your wardrobe till find a doctor or get a course for your career. and this is free. I am not advertising anything, so don't be dismissed.

October 16, 2008

welcome to my home henna saloon

Khaleejia said:

For everyone who likes henna i did this post. Couple times a month i do it anyway henna party with my friends or my own. last time i had to get full experience about henna procedure from how to prepare it till how to draw. i tasted plenty of its kinds. (p.s. henna for hair cant be used for hands-painting as soon as you will not get dark stains). the very dark color comes when i add karkade or when i use water from dried (in oven) lemons. i wouldn't do all of this work in case there is henna saloons around me as i used to in Emirates. but i am ok and always say alhamdlillah. The same time i dont want to change my life-style and i arrange this place in my home for such a case like henna time.

next pics are the step-by-step my own henna-drawing for the both hands. khaleeji pattern( of cause). By the way colored fingers - is my fav style. enjoy!

and for the right hand: not exactly the same but with the same tend

this i did for one of my friend actually she just choosed this pattern from collection i have in my laptop

October 15, 2008

khaleeji stylish woman look & pink abaya

1 2

visual inspiration about how to be beautiful, stylish, gorgeous and modest at once...
hope you ll be able to recognize something on this videos (the second is the same but a little bit slow down,my advice-watch both). i wish i could put here every scene when this abaya was shown, but i was lucky to capture this part only. how can i describe this abaya? it's gorgeous, romantic-due to large pink flowers on it, fresh and expensive one. So, have you got the point?! hooooooooope so, check it out!

HOW TO wrap (khlaleeji) shayla ...without any pin

Khaleejia said: Several times girls asked me abt how to wrap shayla...i tried my best to explain, i did some posts, but here i am going to present the most popular way around the gulf area (khaleeji yani) women.
alhamdulillah at this time it was a successful video uploading . i captured it from one serial in Ramadan time. i am sorry for the bad quality cos its just from tv-screen with my i-phone camera. check it out!

October 13, 2008


Khaleejia said:
Assalamu aleikum ! i am not sure that my temporary absence was so short,but i truly wanted to be concentrated on the Ramadan first duties and i was patient enough with a lot of other things too. hope that i will keep on blogging without such a long term vacations at least till the next of Ramadan , ان شاء الله . I thank everyone who kept on browsing my blog in order to read my previous posts that hope are interesting and sometimes useful and many thanks to those who hasn't lost a hope to find my new posts too, and thanx for every comment that has been left by you(even i don't answer to the all regularly but be sure i always read them and appreciate!)
well here it is.. my new post..actually it was ready since one month but i didn't find it to be suitable to post it in such a blessed month of Ramadan.
Once i did a post about my own( khaleeji )make-up that seemed you liked it. Time passed and my make-up has been changed, now it is not so bright and i would say its more modest i use it for home or outside and feel more safety with it and more comfortable. maybe my drawing are not going to show you the real picture at least you can see the way and approximate result. But what i want insure you - it is khaleeji way make up. so be in tune ;p
1.first pay attention on the direction of the shadows' applying, it will be-vertical.

Apply foundation, powder then light color eye-shadow all around the eye... choose skin- brownish tone-combination (including light-middle and dark shadows) for your make-up that looks more natural.

on the eye-lid apply middle tone
repeat one more time and spread it upper
one more time or till you see that shadows' shape is right and enough colorful...
use black shadows under the eye (wet a little bit your brush to make line bright and stable)
apply black shadows on the top of the shadows' line then smooth it with a soft brush by sweeping down movments .

down and around ....
repeat contour by applying middle tone shadows to smooth the edgesapply black eye-liner on the upper lid and under just as your eye-shape is or according to our vertical direction,don't make any arrows, just vivid the eye-contour

brush your eye-brows and use dark-brown pencil make 'em also vividwell...this is final look
check one more with this animated picture


hope you enjoyed...

October 2, 2008


Khaleejia said: