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October 30, 2008

My tutorial. How to wrap niqab - 5aliji look

Khaleejia said:
i got a comment for one of my post that made me do this post. i greatly appreciate every attention to my blog and any your comment where you can feel free to express your feelings and wish. That sometimes help me to do new posts that i hope are useful for someone or interesting at least.
Niqab has a huge veryety of shapes, models and other differences according to exact country India

Iraq Saudia
and individual preferences,but it always means- a cloth that cover woman's face leaving eyes open. Some women prefer wear ready-to-wear or one-peace niqab some make it with shayla as i am going to present here. I must notice that this way i use in case i am not going to restaurant while i am outside as soon as it will cause some uncomfortable with eating. But it doesn't mean that i can't eat or drink, i can and its ok if it doesn't take a lot of time and meal is not soup or something with salsa. for that case i use separate black not a big (size of bandana) cloth that i pin to my shayla and i can have my dinner very easy where ever it happens. Sure that i dont mean such restaurants where there are tables separated from another with curtains where woman can completely open her face. Its actually very comfortable but not every restaurant has it. I hope i was clear with this point.
1. shayla , i dont know the size of my own shayla i think its about 120cm/70cm may be a bit bigger , smaller size possible but is not so good for a fine wrap
i use such claw or clip before i wrap my shayla (in some of my previous posts i put a photo of my own )
cover head with shayla like on the pic.
then i pin shayla under the chin with any pin i like (except a safe one, i never use them)

take a long side and wrap it around the head

make sure that the edge of the shayla lie a very nice way revealing all its pattern and not very low cos we will need its loosy part that was left under the chin.
then i take that loose part of the shayla under my chin measuring it i check if it can easy reach my eyes and the same time stay enough wide and loose. It will be double levels of material of the shayla and even if its a shifon it will not be transparent.
then i pin one side on the left at the level of my eyes or a little bit lowerwith a slight straching shayla over my nose i pin the right side as well
My last move it is arranging shayla on the top. Using a nice decorated shining pin i fix my shayla with it on the top for a fine look.

pin for the top can be something like this one on the next pic.
ok, now you can see the final look

it is loosy and high. Forehead and eyebrow can be easily covered with the same shayla or additional bandana under it.


  1. cute! i'd like to try wrapping my hijab like this (i dont wear niqab, but this looks really pretty!)

    by the way, i like how you did the photos. how did you do them??

    I did a post about how to wrap khaleeji shayla u can find it easy by clicking tutorial in labels.but there are my photoshop drawing only. here i took pics of myself decided that it will better show the material and specific of this wrap,but i worked with the photos to cover my own face and decorate 'em a bit with swirling and frames as u can see here. that's it, hope u enjoyed

  3. MasAllah!! i looooove when you post tutorials. I learn so much and i adore the pics.

  4. jazak Allahu kull kheir ukhti M.J. your warm words give me a lot, believe me!

  5. slm! thank you so much this wonderful blog.i really love the khaleeji style but didnt know alot bout it but alhamdlilah ur blog has given me so much of tips.thank you for beign so kind to share with us all that you u have an email or facebook i wuold be gr8 2 b friends or chat 2u....once agen shukran kteer!

  6. Assalamu alaikum sister!
    It's Fawakih from Maghreb ;-)

    I LOVED your blog- great job. I have not read everything yet, but inshaAllah will do it later and comment more!

    So far I just want to thank you for this particular post explaining how to wrap shayla khaleeji style!!! I did not know the trick, but NOW I know! I feel like rushing to the closet, getting some shayla out and trying out your instructions immediately!
    I'll let you know later if I succeeded!

  7. Anony,i read ur comment before but sorry i forgot to reply on it,as u asked me abt my ID u can find me in face book as khaleejia-emiratia, there u can share with me the groups i am in or just be in touch with me. thank u for a nice comment!
    Fawakih! mashaAllah,salam,mashkurach
    for nice words wish u a great success in ur trials. yeah ,pls let me know abt the result. you are welcome!

  8. just beautiful I'll try inchAllah

  9. well unfortunatly since my shayla can't stay in place for 1 minute i just stick to the normal nikab mashaAllah and actually i really love the khalleeji burka style nikab some call it bado, actually sisters from saudi were shocked when i was asking for some i was really begging and they were like "we don't wear it there it's like old fashion for old women or bedo women, well since i don't have anything against old women or bedo women i don't mind cramping their style!!!!I am shure they will be shocked to know it's all the rage in europe!!!

  10. salam
    i need ur help i love ur tutorial.
    i followed all the steps luks great but at the end i dont have much material left to dangle on my head to look as good as urs,my shayla is longer than 120cm like urs ,let me measure is 177 cm long and 55 cm wide.where am i going wrong.?help me,tips pls
    is it the shiela size?please let me know im in dubai next month so i can tell the shop man how long to make my sheila.take care!
    from ur sis in the uk!

  11. dear sameerah! i ve just read ur comment thanx for posting it and ur complements.and abt ur question..i guess u leave too much for the short part before u wrap it. to avoid such problem try to make this side shorter anyway it will be covered,u even can pin the very edge of it under your chin in case to fully cover your head by the other (long) side. also must mention that while u're wrapping the long side over your head try to pull the all width togather i meam not only the front edge then you can notice that shayla going more longer and nice way on the top and all around. i managed with much shorter shayla(110cm/60cm) that i used for this post-(180cm/70cm the most optimal &comfortable size) but for that case i used black (cotton) hijab (amina style) to hide hair in those areas where shayla couldnot cover in two levels as 2 levels i consider as not see-through. good luck to you and welcome to ae.i wish u have here a nice time ever.

  12. oh,i must rewrite my answer to u sameerah as i've understood that ur problem is not in the length but in the width of your shailah,correct? in this case wrap it opening more your forehead.put under any black bandana and even if you dont like your forehead very open pull this bandana down to the eyes.somtimes i pin my shaylah from back to my claw in order to open back or just give "separated" head&shoulders look or if i have for ex. a print on my back of abaya,so good luck and if u have any Q feel free to ask back

  13. thank u for ur help i really appreciate it!i neverwear a bandana and my shayla is shiffon should i ask the tailor in dubai to make me a wider shayla wud this help me?

    thank alot!
    i really like the way u wear it and im considering the niqab but i dont wanna wear the velcro niqab that ladies wear here in the uk!so thanks 4 helping me out!salam

  14. ur pics are so great!cant stop luking at them when i see girls wearing it wen i get to dubai im like wow,try not to stare to much!coz sometimes wen something luks so beautiful u end up luking it loads.also wen u get to dubai airport from than..u see the local girls in hijab and u realise hijab has never luked so good b4!im convinced uae girls are the most beautiful in the world and there modesty makes them even more so!the khaleeji/local girl know how to rock the hijab!they make it look stylish and classy in a good way and they are inspiration to other muslim sister who dont wear hijab!-wen they see them hopefully that will give them encouragement to wear or even find out why they are wearing it(hijab)! thus it leads to hijab awarness!keep up the good work, coz it is inspiing and encouaring i enjoy reading ur blog!im gonna get that book on the side of ur page!

  15. salam Sameerah! mabrouk! u ve already got uae,and nice from u to write ur first feelings here. i think lots of girls will be agree with u. i also bliev that Emirates can realy call for respect feelings to non muslim about islam as well not only respect to muslim dress. mashaallah alich and u up my mood! jazak Allahu kulll kheir and let ur staying in Emirate will be joyful and complete as gorgeous muslim girl!

  16. Nice tutorial! I'm gonna try it!

    But one thing: I'm pretty sure it's haram to make the bump on your head with a clip. It's alright if you've got a lot of hair and the bump is unavoidable but I think the clip is haram since Muhammad(saws) mentioned that girls will be doing this towards the end days and there will be a curse upon them. I have really long and thick hair so there is no way I can avoid the bump but hey, it looks nice. But if you're using clips, it's not really halal.

    If you have proof otherwise then keep going but as your sis in Islam I'm just telling you it might not be a good idea. If you want me to, I'll bring more solid sources.

  17. Majda,thank u for ur note.but i have never heard from any sheikh that this kind of wearing hijab is against Islamic rules. abt bumps-as u noticed ppl with thick hair could easily have same size bumps so ppl with light hair using such clip do not look strange or out of norms. but in case bump is really look too much over-done we have to be more carefull.

  18. No problem, sis.

    It's a pretty well known hadith and I'm sure you will learn about it from any sheikh if you ask.

    Hadith - Sahih Muslim, #6840, Narrated Abu Hurayrah:Allah's Apostle said: There are two types, amongst the denizens of Hell, I have yet not seen them. One possessing whips like the tail of an ox and they flog people with them. (The second one) the women who would be naked in spite of their being dressed, who are seduced (to wrong paths) and seduce others with their hair high like humps. These women would not get into Paradise and they would not perceive the odour of Paradise, although its fragrance can be perceived from such and such distance (from great distance).

  19. LiKe Ur PoSt!!... but totally agree wid sister Majda... Using such clips kinda deceives people when they look at you as it shows u have thick hair underneath while you actually don't..

  20. Thanx Anon for sharing ur point of view! nowadays its not like u almost everyone knows that girls using flower-clips for khaliji look shayla's wrap. its actually allowed but what is forbidden but unfortunately also popular is hair extensions and chignons.