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October 23, 2008

finding the main difference&internet in life of khaleeji women

Khaleejia said: That's what i am thinking about... Life in arab countries is not same like in the rest of the world a lot of arab people tend to be like others(on the other side) but they are not fully succeed until they move out. what is the biggest difference? i am afraid to say that word to not let some understand its wrong but i supposed to say it at least i will hope that everyone will put a good meaning in it. so ... the word is freedom or i would say-life without boundaries/life without rules. It is when you do something and nobody dare judge you because its not their business. i am not talking about gossip. i am talking about ppl's attitude to ourselves. More over they would say nothing in case someone commit some crime or crazy things like be covered with tattoos all over the body ( one not young woman covered the75% of her body with colored tattoos) or whatever. But there is a strange thing i can not understand..why people allow themselves to judge those who like living according to the rules, traditions, especially if all of these things came from religion?! By the way i didn't find a big difference between people from different continents and countries, mostly they are the same and English language made world speak one language. so..does it mean that the boundaries we chose for ourselves is the only real difference between us? Someone can easily have a boyfriend/girlfriend but someone can not even imaging himself in a such situation because he or she believes that there is no anything good in relations without marriage. Someone can easily get drunk but another never drinks alcohol. He or she believes that its very disgusting action because drunk people's behavior is very ugly and can bring a lot of harm to themselves and others as well. Sure i can continue with a lot of other examples but its not what i want to write here. Also My post is about girls who live in arab countries and have their adaptation to new demands of the world in aspect of traditional and religious customs where they are very informed, intelligent, talented, beautiful, careful, but the same time their lives belong to their families, parents, husbands, children. i believe that its the most desirable thing for a lot of woman to be able build her beautiful home, care about her family, share success and problems with her family, women live to make faces smile... But there is one thing she may also need. She need to share her mood, her ideas, her interior world with the same women like she is. For what..may be to get an advice or opposite-to help someone who she can. Internet brings this opportunity without leaving your house find those who you need. A specially its so actual for arabs who live among strong rules. Government also helps women building a huge women web sites (like TV-channel MBC built www., forums, where any woman can be realy helpful in any field or she can get any support for her own case from how to organize your wardrobe till find a doctor or get a course for your career. and this is free. I am not advertising anything, so don't be dismissed.


  1. salaam 3lyk khty,

    this subject is very interesting however the problem is that in ALL Arab countries, we're seeing the same thing happening. Girls get entertained by some kinda TV program, Beauty programs or in whatever form it can be and other superficial and materialistic things. I think our societies are belittleling us to the statute of useless girls. I remember when I was a kid and used to be taken back home by my parents, my female cousins did not have jack to do and used to spend their time watching programs that even myself as an EU born and bred person would never watch. The other thing is that they used to spend their time beautifying themselves on, especially if they were married or engaged lool-that's sweet though. Their lives used to turn around these stuff. It's nice and recommended in Islam to tk care of your appearance but it became an obssession and like you said so well, in countries where there is even less "freedom" (in the sense where us muslims hear it, not the way non muslims think abt it) it is even worse. so allah l mst3aan really lol, but hey nice blog, my first time in here and yh i kinda feel bk home lol even if i ain't from the same country, keep it up sis! w/salaam :)

  2. This was a really thoughtful and intelligent post. I love your blog :)


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