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February 20, 2013

Sheikhas' Choice - Luxury 2013 Abaya in Dubai by Fay Tamasab

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Khaleejia said:
Her name is synonymous with fashion forward and a twist of trendy edge, ladies come from  all over  GCC to  Jumeirah Village Mall to get their Fay Tamasab  abayas. This abaya designer has come to be where she is now through word of mouth. She has custom designed abayas from celebrities and public figures to the royal families.
So me, one day I had luck to meet the designer Fay herself and discover her Chic Oz  Couture  abayas that she display  in her boutique.

K.- Fay , Im impressed by your outstanding abaya designs and the impressive hand work. Now i have no doubt that your abayas are bought by VVIPs

F. - Yes, it is what we are famous for: unique designs and high quality.

K.-What else does  make you different?
F. -I love to be unique in everything i do, that became a reason for me to find my own way through experimenting with different materials and patterns putting them together in a special way. I do get inspired from some designers by reading magazines and there is one more source of inspiration is folklore costumes such as Persian Sherazi kaftans and skirts, their designs are really amazing.
I am originally from Iran and there are my roots which i am proud of, our traditions and mentality are very close to the people living in the GCC region and i believe it adds to my creations  that local taste and something unique as well. I must say that i put my heart and my soul in every piece i create, would it be abaya or sheila or anything else. I always want people who wear my pieces to feel unique and special.

K. - I see you are passionate designer but how long you have been doing abayas.
F. - I m in fashion industry for long time roughly 20 years now. I started designing abayas about 4 years ago, and i get more and more inspired everyday. I love it.

K.-Why abayas?

F. -Because i was fascinated by the culture. There is a rich culture here and people respect and keep their traditions alive by practicing Islam. However in the same breath women here  want to be fashionable and make statements and i really appreciate that and that’s why i started doing abayas. Sometimes i feel that i am getting into their heads and understand what they want or need  . The importance of keeping the traditions of Islam alive is my aim too, because i don’t want to go and do something that doesn’t belong to them, to their culture and religion. I appreciate the women in this region for being who they are and staying true to their culture. Specially i want appreciate my Middle Eastern women for the way they represent themselves, They are gorgeous, they are passionate and they are into fashion as much as the next person and are in most cases more fashion forward than Europe America and Australia we are setting our own trends here. They are not afraid to be different even outside this region. That what makes me want to design abayas.

K. - Wow, your words inspire me and i believe will inspire lots of women around the world. What do you think about Abaya fashion compared to the western trends?

F. - Oh, dont ask me about this! as I have strong opinions about this subject and maybe you want to call me biased but Im only about to speak the truth, Middle Eastern fashion designers will “are kicking a**” right now I don’t want to be rude but it is vivid- fashion and it is all round amazing amazing.   I even believe that future there will be more eyes on the Middle East fashion.
I always read all international fashion magazines and compared to  fashion in GCC or Middle East they are... I am not afraid of this word – boring. The Middle Eastern designers i consider to be the best. Like Zohair Murad, which I LOVE. Among international designers i love Oscar De la Renta, creations of Valentino are so feminine, but i dont like to copy anybody, they just inspire me. I invite you to come to our shop and see, you will be surprised from our designs. We are elegant classy and most of all practical.

K. - Fay, your abayas are bought by Celebrities and members or Royal families, what do you think attracts them the most?

F. - I would say, because of the quality and the traditional yet fashionable designs. I belive this is the main reason, but I must add that we treat all our customers like if they are sheikhas and celebrities, so no difference for us, who enters our shop, we treat all at the highest level. Because we do respect women for the choice of wearing abaya it is only very unique women with high beliefs of Islam that we cater to god created all of us equal and so we shall treat all as equals. 

K.- I saw you did Autumn/Winter collection & Spring/ Summer is expected to be launched in the beginning of Spring 2013 ? So what are the trends for 2013?

F. -Right, Spring/Summer collection we scheduled to be in March-April. The trends in the coming season, french lace are going to be in we have been doing them from day one,  i think laces give such a feminine look i personally love it, some bright colors like neons.  However we have our simple cuts and black on blacks for the everyday classic girl. 

K.- Thank you dear Fay for such an inspirational interview and thank you for letting us know about your "secret" brand. 

F. -You are the most welcome Aisha, i think your blog is the place to share secrets of Khaleeji styles and trends :)
K.- Thats true   :)

 Chic Oz Couture Abaya brand by Fay Tamasab give a special offer to readers of Khaleejia's Life blog to see and order her abayas. As they are exclusive, and done only custom made so please send a request email to with this loyalty card that was specially designed for you, that give you chance to get your custom made abaya wherever you are. 
Loyalty card: 

Fay Tamasab Abayas 

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Web Site:
 Tel: +971(4)3446027


For much more pictures of Fay's Abayas visit her Facebook page!

February 13, 2013

IT’SUGAR celebrates the UAE

Khaleejia said: I am so excited about the upcoming private event “IT’SUGAR celebrates the UAE” 13th February. Happy to be invited with VIP guests including prominent Emaratis that are involved in the Art, Media & Fashion.

I like the quiz they did to let lucky one get a  VIP ticket as well:)
I ll be featuring the event so none of you will miss it, stay tuned and Do like the IT’SUGAR MIDDLE EAST Facebook page 

IT'SUGAR MIDDLE EAST is celebrating the UAE by hosting a VIP strict invite party on the 13th Feb.. Lots of UAE food, givaways, entertainment along with UAE Dj Bliss on the decks and our very own Shereen Mitwalli presenting the event. 

SHARE this post PLUS answer the following 3 questions correctly to be invited; Respond in comments below or Private message us your answers!

What does the camels hump store?

What ingredient is found in the Emarati coffee “Gahwa”?

What date was the Burj Khalifa officially opened?

Winners will be announced by Monday 11th Feb... We are so excited!!

February 3, 2013

Emirati dance and poetry by Saqr Al Mazrou3i

Khaleejia said: I am introducing you Saqr Al Mazrou3i Emarati poet and leader of a traditional emirati Farga Shaabia (dances group) from Fujeirah. Being a humble person who in fact is a local star, we were honored as he tells about himself and his group exclusively to Khaleejia's Life:

Traditional Emirati dances gain more and more popularity all over the world and yet it is not that easy to find a group who are well skilled in all kinds of traditional dancing.

Briefly about these dances. First of all the word "dance" is not used for such performances. Coming from the past the movements were taken from the life occupations such as: camels riding, hunting, sailing, fishing etc and each type of the performance was typical to the region it came from.
There are several types and names of them.The most popular are: Farga Harbia - dancing in groups with sticks or sword, "Yola", mainly performance of one who dances with a weapon, al 3ayala - dance that imitates sailing fisher men , during the performance  group of men may be sitting on the ground  in a circle and waving in the rhythm of the song melody. Nowadays there are several heritage clubs across UAE that teaches to all types of Farga Shaabia (general name of all kinds) and we noted that youth generation truly love it and practice.

The group which is organized by Al Mazrou3i family, is a good example for that. The whole family, its sons and fathers dedicated their life to keep, perform and teach other to this important and beautiful traditional performance. Their Farga Shaabia is filmed for TV, music clips and often is  invited for different events, celebrations and ceremonies across the UAE and even outside the country.

Khaleejia's Life: Saqer when first time you learn movements of Yola? and How you became a poet?
Saqer: - In the beginning my father taught me, so later i started participating and even organized a group to perform at different events. Very often such traditional events required more than only Farga Harbia or Yola, in Emirati tradition there has to be written a good poem celebrating the event. As poetry is a part of our traditions, and there is no wedding without a good poem for bride or for a groom. My first poem was greeted by people who said it was a good one and this encouraged me to continue writing poems. I began to write for every event and people started recognizing me more as a poet than as a yollah performer. That's how I became a poet tool. Now all our songs for Farga Shaabia written mainly by me as well as done dancing choreography.
Saqer exclusively offered to our readers special opportunity to book his group for any of occasion or event. He mentioned that the group is ready to travel to any country of the world to perform farga shhabia if needed :
P.S. For the dance or poetry inquiries please go here

February 2, 2013

BOOK KHALEEJI DANCE FROM UAE - فرقة لليولة والعيالة والحربية

Khaleejia said:
To anyone who is interested in Emirati traditional dance such as 'yollah' dance and would like to book group of dancers for different events such as Weddings, Festivals, Celebrations, Greeting ceremonies, and other events, groups of: 5x5(pax), 10x10, 20x20, 15x15, 30x30 can be choosen. All kinds of Emirati traditional dances are available.
We also provide the following services of writing Poems:
- Poems for all occasions
- Poems in the form of announcement
- Poems for marriage-broker
- Poems for birthdays
- Poems for graduation ceremonies

We are honored to receive your inquiries from within  the country(UAE) and from outside on the following numbers: for english/arabic speaking clients Wats app please to : +971552328118
Or call only Arabic speaking clients: +971509983875
or email your inquiery  to

يسرنا مشاركتكم افراحكم ومسراتكم، ونبشركم انه يتوفر لدينا فرقة لليولة والعيالة والحربية على استعداد تام لاحياء جميع المناسبات (الاعراس والاحتفالات والمهرجانات وحفلات الاستقبال وغيرها من المناسبات). الفرقة متوفرة بالتقسيم التالي: 10x10 , 20x20, 15x15, 5x5, 30x30 شخص.

يتوفر لدينا ايضا الخدمات التالية:
- قصائد لجميع المناسبات
- قصائد على شكل اعلان
- قصائد لزفات
- قصائد لاعياد الميلاد
- قصائد لحفلات التخرج 

نتشرف بأستفساراتكم من داخل وخارج الدولة  على الرقم
او مراسلتنا عبر البريد الإلكتروني إلى
تحياتنا لكم


Videos of the group: