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February 3, 2013

Emirati dance and poetry by Saqr Al Mazrou3i

Khaleejia said: I am introducing you Saqr Al Mazrou3i Emarati poet and leader of a traditional emirati Farga Shaabia (dances group) from Fujeirah. Being a humble person who in fact is a local star, we were honored as he tells about himself and his group exclusively to Khaleejia's Life:

Traditional Emirati dances gain more and more popularity all over the world and yet it is not that easy to find a group who are well skilled in all kinds of traditional dancing.

Briefly about these dances. First of all the word "dance" is not used for such performances. Coming from the past the movements were taken from the life occupations such as: camels riding, hunting, sailing, fishing etc and each type of the performance was typical to the region it came from.
There are several types and names of them.The most popular are: Farga Harbia - dancing in groups with sticks or sword, "Yola", mainly performance of one who dances with a weapon, al 3ayala - dance that imitates sailing fisher men , during the performance  group of men may be sitting on the ground  in a circle and waving in the rhythm of the song melody. Nowadays there are several heritage clubs across UAE that teaches to all types of Farga Shaabia (general name of all kinds) and we noted that youth generation truly love it and practice.

The group which is organized by Al Mazrou3i family, is a good example for that. The whole family, its sons and fathers dedicated their life to keep, perform and teach other to this important and beautiful traditional performance. Their Farga Shaabia is filmed for TV, music clips and often is  invited for different events, celebrations and ceremonies across the UAE and even outside the country.

Khaleejia's Life: Saqer when first time you learn movements of Yola? and How you became a poet?
Saqer: - In the beginning my father taught me, so later i started participating and even organized a group to perform at different events. Very often such traditional events required more than only Farga Harbia or Yola, in Emirati tradition there has to be written a good poem celebrating the event. As poetry is a part of our traditions, and there is no wedding without a good poem for bride or for a groom. My first poem was greeted by people who said it was a good one and this encouraged me to continue writing poems. I began to write for every event and people started recognizing me more as a poet than as a yollah performer. That's how I became a poet tool. Now all our songs for Farga Shaabia written mainly by me as well as done dancing choreography.
Saqer exclusively offered to our readers special opportunity to book his group for any of occasion or event. He mentioned that the group is ready to travel to any country of the world to perform farga shhabia if needed :
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