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October 16, 2011

حبايبي الزوار!!!

Khaleejia said:
  حبايبي الزوار , السايت يهتم بالخليج , من خلاله نحاول نضع بين يدين الزاير سواء عربي او اجنبي نبذه عن الخليج وعاداته وثقافته وموضته.اتمنى منكم فعلا تساعدوني بتصحيح أي اخطاء بالموقع , او تقديم ما يسهم في اثراء الموقع .... واتمنى انكم 
ما  تهتمون بشخصيتي او بإنتمائي اكثر من اللي موجود بالموقع؟

credits to Khaled al-Jabri for his unique and cool caricatures!

October 9, 2011

How to wrap khaleeji way sheylah without any pin

Khaleejia said: May be this video will not liked by everyone, but i did it to show you another creative way on how to wrap sheylah gambo3a style without any pin and to cover all hair . Remember Rabia Z. she was doing very unusual to khaleeji style wrap as well. so I deleted the first comments as consider that there is no need to describe all other styles here. Just like it or don't all up to you.
Good luck to all.