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October 9, 2011

How to wrap khaleeji way sheylah without any pin

Khaleejia said: May be this video will not liked by everyone, but i did it to show you another creative way on how to wrap sheylah gambo3a style without any pin and to cover all hair . Remember Rabia Z. she was doing very unusual to khaleeji style wrap as well. so I deleted the first comments as consider that there is no need to describe all other styles here. Just like it or don't all up to you.
Good luck to all.


  1. Hi thanks for sharing this video :-)

    Can you please tell me the name of the song that is playing?

    Also is that you in the video? if it is then Mashalla you are very beautiful

  2. Thank you for sharing your wonderful blog. What do you think of my blog ? follow/comment. Stay blessed. MashAllah keep up the good work

  3. To anon 1- thanx for the interest))but no its not me, its my model)) make-up on her is made by me and the process of the wrapping also))
    song- of hussein al jasmi- inta dahab

    P.s. to anon who's comment i didn't publish as he/she was writing something about me(as he/she think), i ask to leave me your email(plz if u are 5aliji), i want tell you something, ok?

  4. The model is very pretty! I love her make up! The last style with sunglasses looks very khaleeji to me!

  5. We love this, keep it up. Do you mind if we feature this on our blog? :)

  6. thank you all for commenting,you re all the most welcomed and sure u may republish it on your blogs, pages, sites if you like it.

  7. Thanks for this habibty <3

    Mashallah you are amazing at putting on makeup-have you ever done work as a makeup artist?

    Where can I buy the one piece black hijab - I'm always looking for them in Al-Mutahajibba but they only have the Kuwaiti one. Thanks! xxx


will appreciate your kind notes :)