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June 18, 2013


Khaleejia said: Once one of my friend called me and said: “Aisha, i want to introduce you some very talented but humble guy  from Abu Dhabi, his name is Mohammed Bani Hashim and  you have to write about him on your blog, because he does amazing car designs that won some local competitions and going to be known in the world soon.” I said ok and asked Mohammad to send me some pictures of his car designs. When i saw it i could not believe he did it by himself. Felt proud and admired his talent. After couple of weeks his work was published in several local newspapers “Al Arabia” and “Emarat Alyom” and we decided to meet for the exclusive interview for Khaleejia’s Life too.

Name: Mohammad Beni Hashim Age:25 y.o. Nationality: Emirati, Abu Dhabi, UAE .Graduated from Industrial high School  Abu Dhabi. Working as Air traffic controller at Abu Dhabi International Airport.

Mohammad, how long have you been designing the cars and what inspired you to draw cars?
-I started car designing when i was in secondary school, I was about 13 y.o. I was big fan of automotive technology drawing. At the beginning I was drawing cars from the street, that i could see daily, then i decided to make cars from my imagination. I will show you  some of my first designs.
 Appreciate that. Did your family and friends support you? And why you did not study the automotive designing to become your profession?
- They liked it. Some of them tried to encourage me. So i was trying to follow my interest but i could not study it as there were no schools here for teaching specifically to automotive designs. So i did my own study and research through the internet.
 When you started designing this particular car? And what was the basic idea?
- First of all i wanted to make a sport car with the new eco-friendly concepts and with the features of the desert, that will present my country. When i was looking at our desert and its sand-dunes i started trying to  implement all those shapes in the design. It took about 1 year from the first sketches till the final three- dimensional picture. Within this year i had many difficulties such as.. i simply did not know how to draw this 3D computer graphic.  Once i asked some company to do the 3D design for me but at the end i did not like the result as it was not the same as i had imagined. So it became vivid to me that i had to learn the 3D modeling and finish all by myself. This project pushed me to learn  the software and i managed to do all design by myself.  It took for me 6 to7 months to learn 3 D graphic modeling. For that i took some courses which are not that deep or enough to learn everything in details , so that i used all resources for self-education including youtube tutorials, contacted with other 3D graphic designers from all over the world, whom i could always ask if i don’t understand anything.

The 4WD Mecanum wheels idea that Mohammed implementing in his car design.

When you completed with this your amazing "desert-car" design, how you made people know about it?
- I just uploaded it on Facebook, to see what people say about my work. But i got only 10 likes. And  that was kind of disappointment for me, you know (laughing). But i was not discouraged. I did not want to give up from the first fail. Because I was convinced that probably there were not many people who would be interested in this field as this is something new.

Have you shown your design to the local organization who might be interested in your talent?
-Yes , I presented my work their too, though despite the big projects for which they asked me to draw 50 drawings of different designs once i finished them it was no more requested. Or once i had intention to participate in some local competition with my designs but i was told that they are only for professionals who are graduated from the colleges specialized  in this field. That was a good test for me which could push me to quit my hobby though i continued and tried my best to improve myself as a automotive designer.  And for now my only dream is to study the car designing in university in US to get qualification and be recognized among the professionals . Because I want to contribute in developing the  automotive design industry of UAE and make it competitive with the World market.

With all success and best wishes to you Mohammad, what whould be your advice to those who are experiencing difficulties in achieving their dreams ?
-I advice those who are trying to achieve their dreams to not giving up and keep working hard because nothing comes easy and at the end they'll feel the sweet taste of success. I always keep telling myself that even if I didn't achieved my dream, at least I tried, because when its too late I'll keep blaming myself that I didn't tried. 

I believe Mohammed has a great talent and all chances to see his dreams  come true. We hope for worldwide recognition and support of his work that represents the values of the home country United Arab Emirates and the whole world in general.

With Love by Khaleejia
Dubai, UAE

June 17, 2013

Beauty Salons in UAE : SERVICES & PRICE LISTS// صالونات التجميل في الامارات, قائمة الخدمات و الاسعار

Khaleejia said: For your convenience, we decided to publish prices and services of UAE Beauty Salons if you are planning to visit them once you come to UAE or travelling from one Emirate to another. 
لراحتك، قررنا نشر الأسعار والخدمات لمراكز التجميل فيالإمارات إذا كانت لديكم الرغبة في زيارتها فور قدومكم إلى دولة الإمارات أو بالسفر من إمارة إلى أخرى
1.Maison de Joelle
Dubai - Jumeirah, Mirdif, Kempensky hotel (mall of the Emirates), Abu Dhabi - Rocco Forte Hotel, KSA - Riyadh.
* Prices for Jumeirah branch


2. La Poupee Beauty Center  Al Ain and Abu Dhabi branch:

 The youngest customer with her nail design done  At La Poupee Beauty Center - Al Ain Branch 037801090
The newest Price List for services: 

For publishing inquiries please contact: 

June 13, 2013

«دورة صناعة العطور» مع الاستاذ خالد العنزي من الكويت في دبي

Khaleejia said: Exclusive 3 Days course of perfume making by Khaled Al Anezi (Kuwait) in Dubai, UAE. Dates 15,16,17 June. Price 1500 Drh. For contact call: 0502248718
الاستاذ خالد العنزي 

خبير في صناعة العطور

من الكويت 
ثلاث ايام في دبي 
15,16,17 June ب 1500درهم 

فيرمنت هوتل 

من الساعة 5 الى 8 مساءاً

لتواصل 0502248718
«دورة صناعة العطور» مع  الاستاذ خالد العنزي  من الكويت  في دبي