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August 30, 2009

UAE Beauty Center Afrina

Khaleejia said: Afrina Beauty Center & Henna is a well known name in the beauty industry all over the UAE. For more go the their website AFRINA

Interesting make over videos "Before and After" Trully khaleeji make up is the most beautiful make up- from an average looking woman it can make a catching breath diva...

August 29, 2009


Khaleejia said:So far so good, i hope you liked the previous post about hairdos for girls.
For this fashionable,trendy,stylish celeb and khaliji hairdo we will need a hairdrier, 3 huge curlers ,couple of hair -clips, hairbrush,invisible hairpins and hair spray.

step1.divide your hair just like as on the next pic, fix the top with one of your hair clip and do a "snail" with the hair on the back/lower side then pin your hair with a couples of hairpins. 2. you ll need to use hair-drier (middle level of heat)as warm air will give more volume and dry the natural greasiness that makes hair sticky. also the curlers will bring wavy effect that we will need at the end of our hairdo.

after you finish step N2 tease your hair to the roots. Start the procedure from the back line,row by row move to the front line of your hair growth.

3. now take all the hair and start swirling the ends inside the *snail* leaving front as high as you just can achieve.Fix it with an other hairpins.

4.slightly comb only surface of your hairdo just to make it smoother and more accurate. Fix it with a hair spray.&YOu 've done it! Mabrouk!,HOpe you enjoyed it;)


Khaleejia said:
For the all girls and their moms;) these nice hairdo's to make your girl look awesome just like a princess on any event! especially for the fests in the end of Ramadan inshallah it will be helpful ;). how much i feel sad that my mom had never done something like this to me,but actually i didn't like when she tried to tie my hair anyhow
(then i felt stupid myself) may be because it was not such way like on the pics i want to share here! i hope,really hope you will also like it!;)

August 28, 2009

*FUALA* Emirati choice!

Khaleejia said:

Fuala is an Emirati company that produces very tasty chocolate sweets- THE BEST! ;-)  But its not the only thing Fuala became famous for. Fuala has shops all over the Emirates and its a big pleasure to visit them as they are very beautifully decorated. There you can choose a delicious  gift for your family, friends, relatives or neighbours on any occasion! It's  a nice treat for celebrating  Ramadan nights. One box like on the first pic costs 120 Dh. Also its possible to buy a smaller box for 60 Dh. Also Fuala makes amazing cakes, cookies, biscuits. One big box of mouth watering tasty cookies costs 140 Dh. Also they sell high quality tammar(dates) filled with different kinds of nuts (almonds,pistachio,and other) and also  dry figs and apricots.

Yummmy;)If you need to make an official gift Fuala makes brilliant gift- sets, perfectly decorated on the big tray or in a basket. Fuala is basically famous for  their chocolate sweets. (i adore 'em!). Usually local Emirati buy them for el-Eid, weddings, baby birth. I often buy them when I go visit my dear friends.


here is Fuala site for more information