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August 13, 2009

Khaleeji Hair Clip

Khaleejia said: Big Hair clips are very popular amongst khaleeji women. A hair clip is "mishbak" (مشبك) or shabasa in Arabic.

There are many huge and colorful hair clips sold in the shops. Khaleeji girls prefer to use a massive hair clip as it helps to create a necessary volume under the scarf (sheyla) that is to achieve the trendy "hump" look. All you need to do is to pin your hair with a huge hair clip on top of your head and put a sheyla on afterwards ;)

There's a big choice of hair clips on the market, some of them for the price of 3 -15 AED from China. But many hair clips are made by local women at home - simple ones will cost around 20 AED and beautiful hair clips for special occasions will cost 40-110 AED


  1. Salam sis mashallah i love the 11th and the last ones . I also have this kind of hair clips, but when i'm putting it i feel little pressure on my head :)


  3. woww thanks for the post !
    yeahh its soo true!
    when i use the hair clip my shayla stays in tact !

    they sell the hair clips at the malls right in dubai like those claire's stores is it ?

    coz i'll be going to UAE real soon i wana buy more coz ive only got 1 hair clip rite now which i bought from the UK .. my country doesnt sell these kind of hairclips for the shayla.. =(

  4. im in love with the hairclips, but im wondering whats the point of buying the fancy ones if its going to stay under the shayla anyways? or is it just for personal satisfaction knowing that u have on the fancy one lol
    love your blog!

  5. salam sis
    sam here rememberr me?
    jus came back from the UAE
    bought four of those huge clips in Sharjah souk city centre
    when i reached london and opened my luggage out home.. three of them had broken:(:(:( i stupidly stuffed them in and now i only have one#
    i was wondering if i send you a payment through paypal inc postage costs could u send me a few? i really want them but here theres none

  6. lol its really badly broken:(:( i think irts my fault... i bought so many things i jus squashed it in
    wud you be able to get me some and i'll pay you through paypal or send you a cheque even?
    SAM XX

  7. I've been wondering what these things look like. I only heard about them... I kinda want a small one. My hair is SO SHORT :P

  8. Salam habibty

    How do you wear these clips?


  9. Wa aleikum assalam

    in the next topic there's an example:

    Hope this helps :)

  10. Salam

    I got one of these clip and I want to buy more. Where can I find them in england? Can I buy them online?
    please help!

  11. I'm sorry Shaheera- I don't know any site selling them on-line. yet... maybe I'll make a post about how to make such a hair-clip at home with your own hands!

  12. salaam, there is a shop (AYA fashions) in Fulham, west london. they only have one type and it costs £6 each

  13. salaam khaleejia, can you tell me which shops in Dubai sell these clips?

  14. wa aleikum assalam Amal.
    Washia accessories , which has shops in several malls in Dubai, has this kind of hair clips- although expensive-150-200 AED. And any big supermarket has cheaper China made hair clips for 13-20 AED.

  15. salam alaikum, i live in australia and i just purchased 1 flower clip i love it i have lots of people asking me where i got it from, does any 1 know an line store i can buy some quality clips i dont like the chinese style thanks you ramadan mubairik :)

  16. i know asmaonlinehijabstore has them but she only has small amounts


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