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August 18, 2009

Wedding Dresses in the Gulf

Khaleejia said: Women in the Gulf love their abayas, evening dresses and wedding dresses to be adorned with a lot of crystals.

Here's an article where you can read about modern weddings in the UAE. Although I don't agree with people in the article saying that nowadays expensive weddings are "traditional".

Actually there were no white wedding dresses or extravagant parties in the ballrooms in the past in the Gulf. This is a new tradition borrowed from the Western culture. Before the bride would wear a traditional green dress and a burqa...

Bellow are wedding dresses from Reem Al Hosany rental in UAE.
tel.: 050649991 and 0505907733
Renting their wedding dresses will cost 5.000 - 18.000 AED. Renting evening dresses costs 2.000 - 6.000 AED


  1. I really love the dress there a way I can order a dress from your website?..I would really appreciate it if You reply back to me and let me know. Thank you so much. My e-mail is

  2. Myrna I'm glad you liked khaleeji wedding dresses! I have more pics to share if anyone's interested to see :D

  3. Those wedding dresses are amazing! Just beautiful! Are you a designer? You should bring your designs to the US if you haven't already done so.....Cynthia

  4. This is very pretty.
    I like the Khaliji designers their work is elegant and sophisticated.
    I like the Lebanese ones aswell elegant too but in a different way.

  5. Dear Carrie thank you so much for your encouragement! :D

    Cynthia- I'm not the designer.

    Myrna I'll make another post about Khaleeji wedding dresses where I'll put the links to the websites and e-mails of the people you could contact in order to buy such dresses...
    I will also make another post about wedding traditions in the UAE.. but not soon.. after some time

  6. Hi Khaleejia,

    I just wanted to commend you on your blod. It is fantastic! I am getting married and thanks to you i have found ezra santos and michael cinco and gotten in touch with them. The email address you have for reem alnuaimi doesnt seem to work. Please could you give me any information you may have on this designer many thanks


  7. Hi Timi! Thanks for your lovely comment!
    I'm happy you found something useful on my blog!

    contact info for Reem al Hoasani is like on their website:

  8. Greetings Khaleejia !

    I wanted to tell you how much I appreciate your wonderful blog. It is informative and shows how much you love what you talk about. You have a beautiful culture, with precious traditions that show love and kindness to all.
    Thank you for taking the time to share with those of us who know very little about your beautiful land.
    Regards and blessings to you and your family.


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