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August 8, 2009

A Hilarious Emirati Cartoon- Shabiat Al Cartoon: شعبية الكرتون

Khaleejia said: "Shabiat Al Cartoon" is a very funny low budget cartoon made by Emirati youth.
This cartoon tells about life of the modern UAE nationals in an honest and funny way. It's in Arabic, but those who lived in the UAE or know Arabic culture will be able to understand a lot even if they dont know the language. At the same time some parts of the cartoon refer to very specific aspects of locals' life which is hard to understand for people outside Emirati society.

This cartoon is showed on TV during Ramadan. Last year this cartoon was more successful (i.e. was loved by locals) than the famous "Freej" cartoon which was rather boring. Hence "Freej" was stopped but Shabiat al Cartoon will be shown on TV again this Ramadan (of course all new parts :)

You can watch some parts of this cartoon on YouTube



  1. OOOO I always watch this cartoon on dubai chanel but I don't understand a word!! sometime I just don't need to understand to laugh at it!

  2. i love this cartoon,i used to watch it with my friend in youtube and he would translate to me.also there's some with translation.I learn a lot about the culture in this cartoon,for example i about the camel hump things is call kamboa/gamboa.....this cartoon hillarious

  3. where can we find the translated ones

  4. what do u call the flower clip that looks like a hump in arabic?what is the name?

  5. Thank you for the comments sisters :D

    Habibti I saw some parts of the cartoon with English subtitles on youtube, but I dont know where to search for the whole cartoon with good quality subtitles (if it was translated into English)...

    Maria they call a hair clip- mishbak. I'll make a post about it ;)

  6. i searched for the parts but i didnt see them sniiff