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September 27, 2009


Khaleejia said:
Oh its already one week since Eid finished! i hardly notice it! So you? Just i was so busy you, friends, shopping, evenings, cooking and so on. Btw to avoid your boring with my blog  i prepared some nice posts  i don't know why they disappeared from my archive. i thought it would be nice bridge from Ramadan topic to our  daily stuff. But i am too lazy to rewrite them excuse me if u ll find me not enough adequate to important events.
anyhow time has passed and i'm going to do some fashion posts abt style, brand's names and more.
what is style

September 20, 2009


Khaleejia said:

eid said by ~hams-alkial on deviantART

Ramadhan has come, Ramadhan has passed,
Next comes Shawal with Victory at last,
Blessed be all who strove for His Pleasure,
Blessed be he who found the Night of Power.

Happy Eid by =ms-Azzah on deviantART

September 18, 2009


Khaleejia said: If you re settled in Kuwait then you re lucky to have this Lavish gift creations for el-Eid
they work since October 2008 so the idea is simple and gorgeous the same time - by one word brilliant! I just wonder who was the idea developer -man or woman? as men are usually those who use to buy flowers and chocolates for their women and the women are those who always like it to receive despite  the calories and popular comparison of woman's beauty with flowers' wilting ...hmm  Oh yeah, so abt the sweets..nice, they are just nice ,aren't they? So you want to make something original but you re not in Kuwait? Ok i have an idea...heh.. place any sweets  you have got for the Eid on the big plate, flat basket or tray and in the middle put some Ramadan lantern, Egyptian Fallahah, or even Islamic doll-Fulla next in the row are- flowers or vase of flowers..aha and decorative laces... easy sah?


Crystallized Burqas

Khaleejia said: As to continue my crystallizing topic i need to add some Interesting crystallized burqas from Oman Uyoon Al-Reem Fashion( I think for al-Eid that is just in a blink of an eye it can be useful for your fest inspiration;)

mashallah hatha so0ra waaid hilwa

Plz, dont forget to share your opinion as it helps other people better understand the issue. :)))))))))))))))))))))))))) a7abko0m;))))))

September 17, 2009

HENNA خليجي 2009 DESIGNS!!!

Khaleejia said:
GORGEOUS STYLES of Khaliji henna patterns. this is good for daily hand decoration or for event and even wedding as well! New designs include straight lines,circles, precise shapes and symbols. Along with traditional to khaliji style henna decoration -flowers and swirls.












14 this is not so new idea,drowing letters are rather popular demand among henna lovers but this way like on this pic is very nice and fresh&stylish as well.


this picture is the same pattern as on the first one,but have you noticed that? they look differnt just 'cos of henna color itself. Here is brown and the first one supposed to be done with a *black* henna.

p.s. i advise to not use a black henna at all there are really enough cases with skin irritation in uae or other countries where it is practicing. Brown henna is much nicer as it looks NATURALLY;)

September 12, 2009

Crystallizing at Home

Khaleejia said:

I received yesterday some photos of the best friend of mine who shared with me her new hobby- abaya crystallizing. She commented - "I really enjoyed the creative process:) I have plans to buy more-different crystals and want to try repeat on the new sheila the pattern of my old one. I am very interested how it will be cheaper to make than to buy most sheilas and get see if I can reach a high quality work ... will see:).. i liked my work it made my abayas a little bit more feminine, festive& elegant just like we all like here in gulf." So this post is in her honor ;) For encouraging. To not stop on abaya only.

I did this with all my items that i could not find in the stores, the only one problem to me is to find the best pattern. But the crystals sparkling that brings so GGG( gorgeous, glam, girly) look, make me forget about any lacks in my inspirational moments with only one wish to get as soon as possible next crystallized abaya, shayla, cell, t-shirt, wallet, pen, mp3-player etc., etc...(:the web-cam&mic are next in the queue:).

p.s. during my last vacation i noticed people mostly were surprised to see such stuff (like on the pics). hmmm.....
...... actually they were almost always surprised by me hehe:)p

how to do...but here is shown only 10 % of the real work.

this one of my lazy decoration of givenchy powder box. its black and white crystals just to give some glitter charm.

ok this is my htc. front side. back side is much different and more colorful but still not finished. i need more crystals.. hope to get 'em soon.

this cell i bought for about $70 only during my trip as my htc didn't worked there at all,and of cause i could not leave it like it was. btw, some people really thought its price was much higher thanks to the crystallizing. i left it for one of my friend there. it was a nice gift actually ,at least she was happy.

next work of one professional ..see on flickr more of her masterpieces (hope she wouldn't mind the post )

this one amazed was brave..hehe

make-up for-NOSE-for make-up

Khaleejia said:

Once it was mentioned in one of my previouse post about cosmetic/visual correction of the nose. but this time i have this very significant pictures of exactly khaleeji make-up that effect nose as well. It is so "IN" this season that i can't miss to post about it again. Now a lot of 5aliji girls to give their noses thiner and strighter look, start using this professional make-up technic for the daily practice. And day by day it becomes more&more popular. So me, since one year i included this to my full make-up steps, now can't imagine even to call make-up as "completed" without shading my nose,... and what abt you?

see here,it can be not so visible for non-expert look
but you of cause see that nose correction exist.

How to: the steps are so simple and easy but i wrote it just for formality .


1. shade the both sides of the nose with darker eye-shadows(matt), powder, conciler or foundation or tonal cream 1-2 tones darker than your skin.

2. lighten the centre of the nose with same staff but with a lighter tone for 1-3 than your skin.

3.smooth the edges of the applyed tones. No to vivid lines.Yes to natural looking shades.

-for 'long' noses to make 'em look shorter -do all the steps from the way1 + add some darker tone on the tip of the nose.

way 3
-for thin nose but who want to strike out this-apply some darker color just on the nose's wings.

September 9, 2009

09.09.09 Mabrook!

Khaleejia said:
Metro in Dubai has just been opened by His higheness sheik Mohammad bin Rashid alMaktoom! The very first metro in the gulf region. The longest-driveless, uniq and the most modern in its designs. the most comfortable for the passangers. i could continue the list of the advantages but i just ll say
Mabrook! it has finally happened and i wish it will bring a lot of usefullness to the Emirates.

September 8, 2009

some Pics from Emirati Tv

some pics from Emirati TV as sample of fashion
and accessories ;)

here are about some accessories and sleeves' decoration on the local girls.

September 4, 2009

Make up by Amal Al Balushi from Oman

Khaleejia said: Make up Amal Al Balushi from Oman. Her work became rather popular among kahleeji girls. her new 2009 pictures just rock. Make-up work includes Kohl as just khaleeji need and huge range of eye-shadow color palette that can match with any type of face. the main target is to make eyes look bigger skin smoother and lips shiner. she uses khaleeji,lebanese and Hindu make-up technique.
p.s. i am preparing post -step by step how to apply kohl,eye-liner for different khaleeji make-up. so keep in touch..;)