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September 20, 2009


Khaleejia said:

eid said by ~hams-alkial on deviantART

Ramadhan has come, Ramadhan has passed,
Next comes Shawal with Victory at last,
Blessed be all who strove for His Pleasure,
Blessed be he who found the Night of Power.

Happy Eid by =ms-Azzah on deviantART


  1. You’re blog is one of a kind mashalla
    I love the colors the picz and I can almost smell it :)
    I read your comments on my blog and I pray that al Eid is bringing you happiness and better times ya rab

  2. ahlaaan!jazach Allahu kol 5eir! enti mashallah toyeebah inshallah you will get all you planned and wished for yourself till the next ramadan come biznillah! see ya on ur blog;)

  3. p.s if internet could provide smells i' d burn here oud hehe;))))

  4. LOL ee I know that's the smell I meant ;D

  5. la'a,u kidding me?! u know 2 days ago i bought one with amazing smell,and just it 's killing me (in a good way).i cant stop burning it i'm afraid to finish it too fast before even the end of the eid lol;)its smell so refreshing..yaaaaaa,ok i go to burn it again..see ya;)!

  6. u know? i'm not muslim (but read moooore and try to learn) but i like your blog so much. and i have reason (maybe will tell you later).i can understend not all, but all your posts veri kind and nice. congratulation... i hope my blog will be same somewhen. good luck:)))

  7. Hi Deros! I'm always so happy to see non-Muslims who love Arabic culture and some Islamic traditions!

    One does not have to be a Muslim to love Arabic culture or particularly khaleeji culture and Islamic traditions... Like I dont have to be a hindu to like Bollywood movies or Indian food for example. I'm Muslim but I'm fascinated by many other cultures and languages, traditions of different people. The fact those people have different faith does not prevent me from appreciating and admiring their cultural heritage :)

    I agree with Deros that Khaleejia's style of blogging is quite warm and welcoming :-*

    Assalam aleikum Khaleejia Eid Mubarak habibti! Kul am wa inti bikhair

  8. thanks for this good and warm words. i'm alone now in my love to Islamic traditions and Arabic culture. my friends dont understend me.i told befor(i have reason)... but not only it... and u know? when i read o look at something about Islamic i want to cry. dont know why, but i feel, my soul want accept this religion.

  9. eid mobarak for you and your famlily i wish i was there in dubai :(

  10. Eid Mubarak to you and your family!!

  11. eid saidkum a7baaaab!!!
    deros,thank you for your heart msg, i wish you aaaaall the best in your life! and i want to say that you also have a veeeery good heart otherwise you would not like islam,islam is a religion of the all prophets from the first man-Adam including all till Mohammad peace be upon all of them. and its the most beautiful and the only true religion of the only God who created all this world,us,our lives and everything.And we live to praise Him for all those mercies He gave us and Who promised us the Paradise if we are not among those who are disbelievers. So i Wish you to understand and say i witness that there is no god except Allah (=God in arabic) and the Prophet Mohammad is His prophet and messenger,peace be upon Him. if you can read Quran you will cry,islam is the only true religion you will see it inshallah.
    i am happy that you liked come over here, i tried to make my blog- as a heritage sharing house a place where no enemies,but everybody are welcomed. but maybe one of the reason i made my khaleejia's life blog was to show the beauty of arabic culture,tradions,daily life stories to the rest of the world for maybe somebody could see the beauty of islam through it. ))))
    washi-eid mubarkum to you and your friends and family as well:))))
    Uae Fan so eid mubarak and i wish your dream come true,beiznillah!
    Asel,jazach allahu kel 5eir for reply to deros and for congrats! i wish from deep of my heart the best to you and your family in everything! boosa!!!jazach alahu kelllllllll 5eir 3la tooool!

  12. EID MUBARAK SIS.. Sending over lots of love and hugss to you.. thanks for being a greattt blogger .. i pray all your wishes come true and you life be blessed with happiness and Allahs mercy
    lov u... SAM XXXXXXX

  13. Salam alaikum sister,

    Your blog is very unique MashaAllah. Your posts show original imaraati fashion and culture.

    you are doing a gr8 job. love ur blog.

    jazak Allah
    Najm us Sahar

  14. Salam ya Khaleejia!
    Mashallah your blog is fantastic! Mabrouk for you good work, I kept reading for a long time, and I loved! Im Brazilian and I adore arabic culture so much (i have lived in the middle east). Well, hope u had a blessed Ramadan and keep on posting! U r great!
    Bawseeh ;*

  15. Sam,Najm-us-sahar,Flavia! thank you my deeeeeeeeaars! for the greetings,for such beautiful wishes and for your words of appreciation! i know i am late to respond but it was the most "crazy" time since eid for me. but i must say that all this you said mean that i do a good job and bring to some ppl joy even for a while. but that made me feel realy happy and proud;p hehehehe just kidding anyhow thanks you awwwwl! ahabkum wallah!

  16. Salammmmmm ya khaleejia!
    Its true, u r being a very fantastic representant of Khaleej culture and u r representing it really well! Im loving it! :D


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