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September 4, 2009

Make up by Amal Al Balushi from Oman

Khaleejia said: Make up Amal Al Balushi from Oman. Her work became rather popular among kahleeji girls. her new 2009 pictures just rock. Make-up work includes Kohl as just khaleeji need and huge range of eye-shadow color palette that can match with any type of face. the main target is to make eyes look bigger skin smoother and lips shiner. she uses khaleeji,lebanese and Hindu make-up technique.
p.s. i am preparing post -step by step how to apply kohl,eye-liner for different khaleeji make-up. so keep in touch..;)


  1. it looks like they stuck black tape over their eyebrows. not good. not good at all.

  2. ange,unfortunatly eyebrows just tattooed, its so popular now and a lot of models and not only tattoo their eyebrows inspite of the hadith. plus dubai is the most professional oriented place for this field. they realy know much well hw to tatoo eyebrows the "best" way... but plz don't consider it's like a must be thing in nowadays haliji make-up..

  3. sorry, but they look like dragqueens.

  4. definately agree about the drag look..its sad how they try so hard to attract..they are already very pretty but not content! May Allah guide them. ameen

  5. I love the way they look! It's a very beautiful make up.

    Western people are used to seeing such brave make up only on drag queens. That's why usually western women dont like khaleeji make up.

    But for many arabic girls who see this make up on normal women all the time it's a typical beautiful make up for women.

    I really really love khaleeji make up and beautiful khaleeji women!

  6. I love how beautiful and bold these makeup styles are, smokey eye makeup is my favorite! Of course, these are not casual, everyday looks but can be appreciated at weddings and special occasions. And makeup is so customized anyway, so maybe these looks might not work for everyone. Either way, great post Khaleejia!

  7. Omannn, i have always wanted to go there and inshallah will do soon, have u ever been, is it nice countryy? Sam xxxx

  8. Salam.
    Upsie daisy! They look so sad and fake.. No smile at all. The white effect of their skin and eyebrows are ridiculous! Chicks and nose has shades to fake the shape.
    You never really know who is under tones of that make up. And i am not jealous at all my girlz as i like a little bit make up to look nice and fresh for my husband. Also i like dark smokey eyes and i do havier make up sometimes for weddings. But i want ppl to think good abt me and there is said enaugh by Allah Allmighty what to do to look good in His eyes.
    I think 'drag look' is appropriate. They look for me as terryfying witches :)) Is that the new simbol of descent, modest, btfl woman, future/current wife/mother..?! :/

    I think good henna on eyebrows is much better then this fake tatoo.. :/

    Good post Khaleeja :)

  9. I had never equated the khaleeji look with a drag queen look! It's so normal to see it here at parties and when done right it looks really beautiful. What I like the best is the smoky eye effect. I don't really care for all the colors in the eye makeup. Eyes with kahl only is beautiful! ♥

  10. OMG! look at the eyebrows the eyes and how much stuff they used on them! they could look much better with less stuff on! do u guys call this make up? its not nice at all. its way too much! too fake!! i prefer the natural look... scary no wonder khaliji guys hate make up..look at this!
    God bless u!
    anyways good job what else to say! people got different all the best


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