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September 12, 2009

Crystallizing at Home

Khaleejia said:

I received yesterday some photos of the best friend of mine who shared with me her new hobby- abaya crystallizing. She commented - "I really enjoyed the creative process:) I have plans to buy more-different crystals and want to try repeat on the new sheila the pattern of my old one. I am very interested how it will be cheaper to make than to buy most sheilas and get see if I can reach a high quality work ... will see:).. i liked my work it made my abayas a little bit more feminine, festive& elegant just like we all like here in gulf." So this post is in her honor ;) For encouraging. To not stop on abaya only.

I did this with all my items that i could not find in the stores, the only one problem to me is to find the best pattern. But the crystals sparkling that brings so GGG( gorgeous, glam, girly) look, make me forget about any lacks in my inspirational moments with only one wish to get as soon as possible next crystallized abaya, shayla, cell, t-shirt, wallet, pen, mp3-player etc., etc...(:the web-cam&mic are next in the queue:).

p.s. during my last vacation i noticed people mostly were surprised to see such stuff (like on the pics). hmmm.....
...... actually they were almost always surprised by me hehe:)p

how to do...but here is shown only 10 % of the real work.

this one of my lazy decoration of givenchy powder box. its black and white crystals just to give some glitter charm.

ok this is my htc. front side. back side is much different and more colorful but still not finished. i need more crystals.. hope to get 'em soon.

this cell i bought for about $70 only during my trip as my htc didn't worked there at all,and of cause i could not leave it like it was. btw, some people really thought its price was much higher thanks to the crystallizing. i left it for one of my friend there. it was a nice gift actually ,at least she was happy.

next work of one professional ..see on flickr more of her masterpieces (hope she wouldn't mind the post )

this one amazed was brave..hehe


  1. wwoowww.. are these stickers? or jus the crystals that you glue on
    and when you use on abaya/sheila do you iron it on?
    sam xxxx

  2. Oh wow this is so much fun! I did a post a while back as well about this as I crystallized my iphone case. I luv this look and when you start, you feel like you want to crystallize everything! :D

  3. I did my celli with some cheap-o crystals but then it broke so now I have a new cellphone... But this one is temp. so I dont wanna waste precious time ;-)

    I love swarovski crystals, and many but a few of my shaylas have them.



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