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September 18, 2009


Khaleejia said: If you re settled in Kuwait then you re lucky to have this Lavish gift creations for el-Eid
they work since October 2008 so the idea is simple and gorgeous the same time - by one word brilliant! I just wonder who was the idea developer -man or woman? as men are usually those who use to buy flowers and chocolates for their women and the women are those who always like it to receive despite  the calories and popular comparison of woman's beauty with flowers' wilting ...hmm  Oh yeah, so abt the sweets..nice, they are just nice ,aren't they? So you want to make something original but you re not in Kuwait? Ok i have an idea...heh.. place any sweets  you have got for the Eid on the big plate, flat basket or tray and in the middle put some Ramadan lantern, Egyptian Fallahah, or even Islamic doll-Fulla next in the row are- flowers or vase of flowers..aha and decorative laces... easy sah?


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