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July 30, 2010

my HAND-made MAKE-up BAg

Comment of Alice inspired me to do this post !thank you! So me, when i feel boring i need to do something crazy…or….fancy..or…something that nobody believe i can!

Coco Chanel with her  incredible sense of plain colors (black/white) inspired me that  day…et voila!

sOMtimes, its really cool to have (all the same) L V bags like your best friends’  but SOmTiMes its absolutely gorgeous to own a unique your own hand-made one

p.s. plz to all DON’T be cruel in your comments;)

cosmetic_bag cosmetic_bag2 cosmetic_bag3 cosmetic_bag4

and this one is manicure kit i did in a veeery few minutes. i used an old one that i was going to throw it away but i didn’t that’s just fine! P7133845first i covered it with a nice glittering silver fabric then i applied above it this nice black laced material (guipure)

    and …. P7133846… here it is!!! the result!! unfortunately i can’t show it  in all of its brilliancy but its so magnifying now(absolutely not like before), believe me!

manicure kit.

hey, creative khaleejias and girls from all over the world take pics of ALL YOUR creations and blog it or put anywhere on the web SHARE IT if you dont have idea what to do ,you can send me the pics or  just  the link and i ll do a post abt you and your talent! yalla! lets go!

thanx & see u soon !

July 29, 2010

CReaTiVE khaleeJias part2

Time to time i do posts about creativeness of the khaliji girls, Emirati are one of the best in the ideas and Dubai TV even found  this subject a nice topic for Sunday program. Interested why? Because of Lulu! She is an ordinary Emirati girl but with a talent that wasn’t  buried  under daily routine,under foisted standards or simple laziness. You can visit her facebook group “Lulu’s creations” just type  the name in the group search bar . Here is some preview that i took from Lulu’s facebook page.


creation2  creation1 creation4 creation5 creation6 creation8 creation9 creation10 creAtion11 creation12 creation13 creation14 creation15

Be creative!

brought to you with Love byKhaleejia!

July 13, 2010

"Matbak Um Hassan" - a TV show about Emirati Food & RECIPES

 Khaleejia said: I'm delighted to share with you a TV Show about traditional Emirati Cuisine.

Modern Emirati food has been influenced by many other cuisines - Lebanon, India, other Middle Eastern countries and international food- pasta, burgers, french fries, doughnuts, soft drinks and many more. There are also a lot of Indian, Afghan, Persian, Chinese  restaurants where people order takeaway food. And of course the ever-present fast food restaurants like McDonald's, KFC, Pizza Hut, Subway and the local choice- Taza and al Farooj.

 Here is a book available on line with many Emirati recipes in English, very easy recipes.

Yet there are many families that still respect the old style traditional food and cook/buy it regularly. In the TV Show "Matbak Um Hassan" they feature the traditional dishes like Harees, Fireed, Salona, many dishes with fish and rice. This program will be also very useful to those who try to learn Gulf Arabic as the Emirati lady (Um Hassan) speaks in the local accent and uses a lot of words specific for this region .