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July 29, 2010

CReaTiVE khaleeJias part2

Time to time i do posts about creativeness of the khaliji girls, Emirati are one of the best in the ideas and Dubai TV even found  this subject a nice topic for Sunday program. Interested why? Because of Lulu! She is an ordinary Emirati girl but with a talent that wasn’t  buried  under daily routine,under foisted standards or simple laziness. You can visit her facebook group “Lulu’s creations” just type  the name in the group search bar . Here is some preview that i took from Lulu’s facebook page.


creation2  creation1 creation4 creation5 creation6 creation8 creation9 creation10 creAtion11 creation12 creation13 creation14 creation15

Be creative!

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  1. Hi there could you pls do a post on
    Ghashwa the different styles and how
    To wear it?
    Thank you!

  2. Thanks for sharing these beautiful pics! wow! She's talanted!

    I can testify that some Emirati girls are creative! One woman in my husband's family is very good at crocheting, she can also make dresses and cushion pillows for example. Another woman likes to decorate- customize the black abayas. Two girls are great at painting henna designs. Another one is great- almost professional at khaleeji make up. One girl was crocheting small cute flowers and attaching them to the headbands or hair clips. These are just few examples that come to my mind immediately.

    Also one of your readers is a talanted crafty Emirati lady- miia

    And another Emirati blogger comes to my mind- she paints pictures. Many girls are crafty, talented mashallah.

  3. loveee your creativity


will appreciate your kind notes :)