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November 27, 2013

Groomig for the National Day. Number 1 Henna & Beauty salon in UAE.

Khaleejia said: Preparing to the UAE National day celebrations that are already started across the country, we scheduled our appointment to one of the best salon in Jumeira for some necessary beauty treatments as we could not risk before such a special occasion. We chose Al Marasim, the salon with 20 years good reputation in the UAE. And for our luck when we entered it, the owner Mrs. Sharon Sephora was there too, welcoming every visitor on her own! With a beautiful smile this amazing woman treated us at her best just as she does for each and every customer.

The list of services was long and among the most important henna design & manicure, we was offered  an exclusive facial with gold treatment,  authentic massage with hot ginger  and professional makeup.
Great choice that later became the best experience. Though before we started  we was served with some welcoming drinks, warm smiles from everyone and light chat about the salon and life achievement with this wise woman Mrs. Sharon.

It is always interesting to know what is the idea behind.
Madam Sefora told us that she loves and respect UAE for letting her achieve what she has now. She is very grateful to the UAE nationals for their attitude, support and high class taste which affected her work directly as Al Marasim is mainly oriented for the local clients. "Everything here is done to make any local woman feel secure, cared and happy."-says Sharon.
Though Al Marasim became a favorite place among all nationalities who live in UAE and love being treated at the top level. "I am from Belgium but live in Dubai. Since first time i visited Al Marasim, I love this salon, mostly for the attitude and services. They can do everything i need and very professional."- Afra, a loyal customer, shares with us her reasons why she loves Al Marasim , .

In every beauty room  Emarati, Europeans, Asians.. all ladies  who had their sessions were chatting about fashion, beauty & life staff in a very friendly atmosphere and you feel that you don't want to leave the place at all..

Sharon showed us her henna majlis and told us in a secret that her henna considered to be one of the best in GCC, as she gets orders from these countries. Moreover her staff is trained by her  personally. They are taught not only to the techniques but also to the creativity and responsibility. As every line that is applied on to the ladies hand can make her more happy and more beautiful or opposite can become a reason of her bad mood and disappointment."

When we entered one of the henna majlis-room we saw a huge group of henna artists working on  designs for the UAE National day! So beautiful artwork! If you want to have your special Eid and Yom AlWatanii henna, we think there is no better place to go.

Al Marasim Salon has VIP service with a very convenient  price that makes this salon attractive as at the end of the day everyone is looking for the proper attitude and high quality.The branches are open in UAE Dubai, Sharjah, Fujeira; in Dubai the luxurious branch located in Jumeira and soon in January 2014 will be opened another branch in Rashidia as well. Al Marasim has also two branches in India.

To set up an appointment or visit please call them. Like their page on FB, and feel free to ask anything you need.
Call now: +971 4 346 7772

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November 17, 2013

/ بدء موسم سباق الحمام الزاجل في دولة الإمارات العربية المتحدة 2013/2014! UAE Pigeon Racing Season 2013/2014 Starts!/

Khaleejia said:

Dubai/  North Dubai, November, 2013
In collaboration with Dubai Pigeon Racing Club we invite all to support and participate in pigeon racing in UAE.
After popular in the Emirates Horse, Camel, Falcon, Suluk Dog racing competitions, UAE growing its interest to the Pigeon Racing as well.
The firsts competition is scheduled on  21/11/2013 among total of 30 racings which will be going on till March, 2014.
دبي، شمال دبي نوفمبر، 2013
بالتعاون مع نادي دبي لسباق الحمام الزاجل ندعو الجميع للدعم والمشاركة في سباقات الحمام في دولة الإمارات العربية المتحدة.
بعد رواج منافسات سباقات الجمال والصقور وكلاب الصيد في الإمارات، توسع دولة الإمارات العربية المتحدة اهتماماتها لتشمل أيضاً سباقات الحمام.

ومن المقرر أن تبدأ أولى المنافسات في 21/11/2013 من بين إجمالي 30 سباقاً والتي سوف تستمر على حتى مارس 2014.

Meanings of the Pigeon Racing. Start and Finish.
The secret is behind that pigeons always fly home. Winner - pigeon, who returned to his home faster than the other - is determined by comparing the results of the participants. In this case, the covered distance is measured and the time for which it has been overcome: the results are measured in yards or meters per minute.  Arrival of the bird to the finish line is fixed automatically, thanks to a ring attached to its leg RFID- chip. The distance of the race will vary from 100 to 300 km.

Among dangers for a pigeon during the flight - are both predators and bad weather, as well as natural obstacles that birds do not immediately able to see at high speed or in the darkness, telegraph poles , antennas, mobile towers can disrupt the ability of birds to orienteering.

 حول سباق الحمام الزاجل، البداية والنهاية.
إن السر وراء الحمام الزاجل هو دائماً ما يطير عائداً إلى المنزل، الحمامة الفائزة هي التي تعود إلى منزلها أسرع من البقية، ويتم تحديد ذلك من قبل مقارنة نتائج المشاركين. في هذه الحالة، يتم قياس المسافة المقطوعة والوقت الذي تم قطعت فيه المسافة. ويتم قياس النتائج بحسب الياردات أو الأمتار في الدقيقة الواحدة. يتم ضبط وصول الطيور الى خط النهاية تلقائيا، وذلك بفضل حلقة على سيقان الحمام تحوي رقاقة RFID الذكية. وتكون مسافة السباق من 100 إلى 300 كم.

وحول المخاطر المترتبة على الحمام أثناء الرحلة هي الحيوانات المفترسة وسوء الاحوال الجوية على حد سواء، فضلا عن العوائق الطبيعية التي لا يمكن للطيور أن تكون قادرة فيها على الرؤية بسبب سرعة الطيران العالية أو في الظلام، وأعمدة التلغراف، والهوائيات، وأبراج شبكات الهاتف المحمول يمكنها أيضاً أن تعيق قدرة الطيور الإنسيابية.

Racing Pigeon Clubs in Dubai, UAE
Dubai has two clubs: Central and North Section. More than 40 members participating in the competition yearly and the number of the interested is growing.

Each bird was selected and has been trained during the whole year to make sure that it is enough strong to fly fast a long distance and show good results during the racing. The training methods include a lot of techniques which have being carefully passed from the fathers to their sons and each has his own secret.

The owners of the fastest and strongest pigeons will be rewarded with cups, certificates and prizes.

أندية سباقات الحمام الزاجل في دبي، الإمارات العربية المتحدة
في دبي اثنين من أندية الحمام: المنطقة الشمالية والوسطى. أكثر من 40 عضوا مشارك في المسابقة السنوية وعدد المهتمين في تزايد.

وقد تم اختيار الطيور وتدريبهم خلال عام كامل للتأكد من أنها قوية بما فيه الكفاية لتطير بسرعة لمسافة طويلة وتظهر نتائج جيدة خلال السباق. وتشمل أساليب التدريب الكثير من التقنيات التي قد يتم تمريرها بعناية من الآباء إلى أبنائهم ولكل منهم سره الخاصة.

سوف يكافأ أصحاب الحمام الأسرع والأقوى بكؤوس وشهادات وجوائز.

Pigeon racing club open its doors to the new members! For registration, membership and  full information of the racing schedules, rules and participants please contact:
Mob.: +971508888437
Twitter: @zajilemirates
Facebook: منتدى زاجل الامارات

نادي سباق الحمام الزاجل مفتوح للأعضاء الجدد للتسجيل، والحصول على عضوية وكامل المعلومات من جداول السباقات والقواعد والمشاركين يرجى الاتصال بـ:
هاتف: +971508888437
بريد إلكتروني:
تويتر: @zajilemirates
فيسبوك: منتدى زاجل الامارات