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August 25, 2008


Khaleejia said: this is a new beautiful Emirati clip about the blessed Night of the half of the Sha'aban month that is before Ramadan. The common meaning of the song is - ..we all are so happy in this night..- I am very appreciate all the work that Emirates do to keep cultural and islamic traditions. enjoy watching!

August 21, 2008


Khaleejia said:
This is very famous and nice place where men are not allowed, but women can enjoy their time beautifying her self with a beautiful henna patterns on their hands or feet.

i love this place and i love henna. Henna decoration is an old tradition for women in the middle-east,north Africa, and Asia. while mostly henna is applied for wedding, in khaleeji (Gulf) countries henna is everyday wear like women on the west care about their nails' design visit beauty-salons every week women on the East with the same casualty visit henna-saloons (once or twice per monce or month and half-depends on how fast henna washes off).
Interior of the henna saloons in the emirates are very oriental simple and nice: cushions on the floor, pictures of examples for henna design are on the walls, and very friendly atmosphere where you can relax, take off your niqab or even hijab because never men enter. Windows are painted to be not seen-through. from outside you can recognize henna saloon among a huge amount of different shops by big pictures of women or hands decorated with henna. Yeah, i must add that its always very funny when you're trying to find the door to enter the salon running along the postered wall checking everything that can be a door-handle 'cause of outside decoration that usually hides any difference between a door and windows:)
About men: In case men need to communicate with stuff to buy henna tubes or for other reasons (call for his woman) they can do it trough a small window that opens after they knock on it or ring a special door-bell.
Prices for every saloon are different but in average its about 100 dirham to cover your both sides of hands with a beautiful design for every hand it will be different but you can choose from the examples which you like or trust to the henna-designer expert:) she knows her work. Mainly they are from India, Pakistan  and some other neighboring countries.
Photo bellow: Henna designer demonstrate her previous works to help in choosing design from every available source 

Prices for feet about 50-70  dirham for a foot and 30-60 for hand. After applying henna u will need to wait about 15 min to 1 hour (you can feel free to stay the all needed time inside the salon and chatting with other women) before you can remove it or better to keep it as long as you can and can remove it later home. as long as you keep it on your hand then darker your picture will be. remove it gently with a tissue when henna will get dry. There is no such a quiet and feminine atmosphere that will make you feel as much relaxed and enjoy the old traditional henna applying "rituals".
Well, anyway its always nice and easy to make you look more beautiful and tune your mood up with a natural beautifying.

August 18, 2008


Khaleejia said: love this way to luxury my fav things. You can also try and will never regret for spending your money 'cause such a little but gorgeous thing can up your mood as you just glance at it or it can be a nice wedding gift if you just has a photo-frame where easily you can crystallize the spouses' names. or if you are a doctor why don't decorate some of your head-sets?! certainly could give your individuality more charm, for any case for any taste for any age. and my fav-on the back of my car-ما شاء الله from bad eyes. on shaylas, on lap-top, hand-bags, mp3, and family photos that's where i just love. well enjoy this designs from my fav couturier ("N-Collection"UAE Sharjah), can know prices & order on-line. there is one more site but i don't like their work too much anyway check out maybe you can find something for yourself or some designs that can inspire you to make your own.

HAUT COUTURE from Lebanese designer SPRING-SUMMER2008

Khaleejia said: Well well well... Lebanese designers rock the world of Haut couture and since long ago they are in the list of the best designers of the world like Versace, Nina Ricci, Armani, Roberto Cavalli, Chanel, Gucci, Fendi, Chloe, D&G, Dior etc. But there is a big gap between arab designers and others anyway. Because they always try to show the beauty of women as others challenge for the most unusual feature that they believe can make us look great, well may be for someone it really works but when i watch their shows i hardly feel like wearing one of their fruits of imagination (i don't speak about 'ready to wear' clothes), as the same time i just dream to have one of for ex. Abed's dress in my collection...
now i'm posting a bit old but still fabulous of his last collections. Hope to make a next post for other lebanese designers and their last autumn-winter08/09 collections.

ABED MAHFOUZ name of the lebenese designer whos carer started after the fall-winter 2003-2004 presentation on the fashion week in Rome. Before he was rather popular in Beirut as a wedding dress designer.

read more on his page
Abed Mahfouz summer 2008 collection was presented in Rome and stimulated a great interest by a number of international celebrities who were attended on that show.

Not everyone brave enough with yellow... but he did it!

huge flower patterns..yeah..seems it was summer mood

ultro dark pink with all this decoration i certanly would dress it as a guest on a wedding

some cappuccino?...

amazing colors...