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August 18, 2008


Khaleejia said: love this way to luxury my fav things. You can also try and will never regret for spending your money 'cause such a little but gorgeous thing can up your mood as you just glance at it or it can be a nice wedding gift if you just has a photo-frame where easily you can crystallize the spouses' names. or if you are a doctor why don't decorate some of your head-sets?! certainly could give your individuality more charm, for any case for any taste for any age. and my fav-on the back of my car-ما شاء الله from bad eyes. on shaylas, on lap-top, hand-bags, mp3, and family photos that's where i just love. well enjoy this designs from my fav couturier ("N-Collection"UAE Sharjah), can know prices & order on-line. there is one more site but i don't like their work too much anyway check out maybe you can find something for yourself or some designs that can inspire you to make your own.


  1. Yes the phones are a bit too much for me

  2. thank you sis for the comment u re right abt phones - everyone try to do his cell first but i dont like to be like everybody . but anyway its very nice

  3. i love n collection's abaya but i can't afford them!!!


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