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August 12, 2008

al-aroosa bridal inspiration (new2008)

Khaleejia said:
well i just want to share with you this inspirational pictures that shows how woman is beautiful when a bit of care and wish. i hope that not only such event like a wedding day would inspire us to look the best way.

well this look beforesome procedure...
and some make-up...finally

2. before make-up

and after (but don't share the idea to use color-eye-lenses)
3.before make-up

4. before
and after


7. before

8. one more

and one more gorgeous change:you can find all this professional help here and never lose that feeling that you ARE beautiful. Wish you success biiznillah.


  1. i love the hijabi styles the best! and i actually like colored contacts too. I wear only those that suit me ofcourse.

  2. Uhm,, sorry, but some of the "before makeup" pictures actually look better than the "after makeup" pictures. And I'm a makeup addict myself. I guess it's the lipliner I find totally ugly.

    But many of the pictures were quite nice :) Thanks for sharing!

  3. Salamz Khaleejia,

    Some of the transformations are amazing. I especially like the eye make-up. Ooh just so mesmerizing. Love to experiment with them.

  4. Mashallah the second hijabi looks the best:)
    but why do some of them look better before the makeup lol

  5. Some of these are really lovely, I personally prefer nude lipstick.

    La La La Lipliner that doesn't match the lipstick.

  6. I liked no5 the best!

  7. nice looks although i think most the girls look better before their makeovers! I agree with basbousha about the lip liner should match the lipstick! pretty pics though :)

  8. HI reema! well ur question made me smile! as a make-up artist going to become professional i wish somebody also would send me step by step course of an arabic make-up (in types) or any professional make-up course but u know unfortunately there is no such generous ppl who would give it to other for free. hah, yeah one day i hope.. anyway i think i can help u somehow with a solution- there is course on 4 DVDs that is being sold by its called secrets of make-up in arabic- اسرار المكياج these DVD all abt arabic make up from old-fashion till nowadays including bridal and evening mak-up. ah yeah the price for this item about 150$ and this made by one famous kuwaity make-up artist. good luck! and thanks for visiting my blog!


    link for Reem


will appreciate your kind notes :)