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January 24, 2010

Shopping in Dubai

Khaleejia said: A wonderful program about shopping in Dubai.

Shopping and spending time at the malls is a very popular activity with many people in the UAE. I love it too for sure!  In this country  where the weather is unbearably hot half of the year shopping malls present good conditions for spending time "outside" of the house :)  Although still in-doors there's a lot of space for walking -can you believe some people jog in the malls in the mornings? :)  Dubai Mall has a skating rink and aquarium, in the Mall of the Emirates you can go skiing. Ibn Battuta Mall has a beautiful interior design and museum expositions. Several malls have cinema. All malls have a variety of coffee shops, fast food and quality restaurants with world most famous cuisines.  Children enjoy going to the Malls too - pop-corn, ice-cream, sweets and playgrounds :)

Emirati Women Today (watch on line)

Khaleejia said:  "Emirati"- a TV show I wrote already about  made an episode dedicated to the role of women in modern Emirati society. I really enjoyed this episode. I believe this the way it should be- Muslim women should be an active member of the society. They  should be free to choose their career and path in life, pursue their dreams.   A woman should  have this choice: dedicate herself to family only or balance both family and career in her life or maybe some women will prefer only work- this is all an individual choice and every woman should be given this opportunity to choose for herself.

While there's been a big progress in the UAE there are still many things to be done for women (like more ladies clubs for example lol)

Khaleeji Make up with Hijab

Khaleejia said: Smokey khaleeji eyes is what I love for easy and glam evening or day look.

January 18, 2010

Gorgeous Jalabiyat from UAE- Al Ain

Khaleejia said: These Jalabiat are like from a fairy tale! Don't you agree? :P

contact info: UAE, Al Ain
tel: 037616066
mobile:  0508338005





Geelato-New Abayat

Khaleejia said: Geelato in Sharjah Mega Mall has a new collection of abayat :) There are more pics on Geelato website.




January 17, 2010

Saudi jalabiat - Shalky

Khaleejia said: Beautiful! love them all!

These jalabiat are from Saudi fashion designer Shalky Qassem al Qassem
Website: Shalky 
on their website you can find contact info: phones, e-mail, shop addresses ;) 











Niceeeeeeee jalabiat from UAE

Khaleejia said: I love such dresses- they are traditional but at the same time modern  - "sophisticated modern oriental gowns"

Website Dar al Howduj  for shops locations in Dubai and Sharjah (Mega Mall), contact details and more pictures of beautiful jalabiat.










LV lovers in the UAE

Khaleejia said:

I went to the mall today and while in the parking lot saw two cars with LV  seat covers. Inside the mall I saw several foreign and local girls with LV handbags and then I got idea for this post ;)

I know many girls who are crazy about anything branded. Many locals think that "marka" is so good- they must have it! In my estimation top favourite brands are Dior, Gucci, Fendi, Chanel. All other brands are present in the UAE too. The most favourite brand (I don't know why)  is LV because I can see a lot of goods (bags, wallets etc) with a very recognizable LV monogram :)

What is Your favorite brand? Do you love LV?









January 12, 2010

Party Make Up.

Khaleejia said: Some readers asked me questions like these..What's the difference between arabic and khaliji make-up? Why khaleeji make up is so colourful?
As I'm passionate about make-up and as a graduated (by this moment) beautician I'll try to answer these questions.

Arabic make-up varies in different countries. Since old times Arab women from Persian Gulf used kohl as decoration and protection for eyes. They grind special kind of a black stone to powder and applied it by a tiny (but much bigger than now) stick. The original dark colour of eyes was struck out by deep black eye liner which contrasted with the color of skin. It became the first distinct feature of Arab women make- up.

Men wrote thousands of beautiful poems about women's eyes that draw even more attention to this part of the face. With the time new colours  were introduced in make up, yet black kohl is never forgotten. Most of all, khaliji make-up is famous for black kohl eyes. Retro style of khaliji eye-make up was limited to only one coloured eye-shadow (you can see as an example my earliest posts through "My make-up" tag). Nowadays there can be 120 colours in one pallete,100 make-up brand names in every moll. 2Drh cost eye-shadows are available everywhere. And then you just need to be a little bit creative to show all your talent and beauty on the next party or event. If you can’t apply make up yourself, there is always somebody  who could do it for you - there are numerous beauty saloons all over the GCC. Or maybe there's some talanted lady among your relatives or friends. You just need to understand that the modern colorful khaleeji make up is a new look of the oldest cultural element.

Next pics belong to  Dabyanyh beauty saloon. They are a wonderful example of the modern khaleeji special event make up. Very creative, very colorful and simply a work of Art.
Tel: + 971 50 3143419