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January 17, 2010

LV lovers in the UAE

Khaleejia said:

I went to the mall today and while in the parking lot saw two cars with LV  seat covers. Inside the mall I saw several foreign and local girls with LV handbags and then I got idea for this post ;)

I know many girls who are crazy about anything branded. Many locals think that "marka" is so good- they must have it! In my estimation top favourite brands are Dior, Gucci, Fendi, Chanel. All other brands are present in the UAE too. The most favourite brand (I don't know why)  is LV because I can see a lot of goods (bags, wallets etc) with a very recognizable LV monogram :)

What is Your favorite brand? Do you love LV?










  1. What a sad phenomena! The love of brands that are so widely disagreed with within the west for they make the poorer class stand out even more....yet what the UAE and many of the arabian penunsila fall short with their understanding of whats hot and whats not. Then again, the craving for American culture is becoming more widepsread within their vicinity..I pity thee for such cravings! I reside in the UK, and where I am able to afford these, I would rather not...I am purchasing the brand and not the actual product...eugh1!

    (ps. This is not taking it out on your Miss Khaleejia im sure your intending to highlight the common and maybe the 'norm' of UAE culture)

  2. salam aleykoum
    LV is so kitch, it doesnt even look good...and it gets even uglier when its fake! Ive seen the LV monograme on cars/bed sheets/phone its just so ugly ahahah...
    I think Chanel is much nicer :)


will appreciate your kind notes :)