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January 24, 2010

Shopping in Dubai

Khaleejia said: A wonderful program about shopping in Dubai.

Shopping and spending time at the malls is a very popular activity with many people in the UAE. I love it too for sure!  In this country  where the weather is unbearably hot half of the year shopping malls present good conditions for spending time "outside" of the house :)  Although still in-doors there's a lot of space for walking -can you believe some people jog in the malls in the mornings? :)  Dubai Mall has a skating rink and aquarium, in the Mall of the Emirates you can go skiing. Ibn Battuta Mall has a beautiful interior design and museum expositions. Several malls have cinema. All malls have a variety of coffee shops, fast food and quality restaurants with world most famous cuisines.  Children enjoy going to the Malls too - pop-corn, ice-cream, sweets and playgrounds :)

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