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January 12, 2010

Party Make Up.

Khaleejia said: Some readers asked me questions like these..What's the difference between arabic and khaliji make-up? Why khaleeji make up is so colourful?
As I'm passionate about make-up and as a graduated (by this moment) beautician I'll try to answer these questions.

Arabic make-up varies in different countries. Since old times Arab women from Persian Gulf used kohl as decoration and protection for eyes. They grind special kind of a black stone to powder and applied it by a tiny (but much bigger than now) stick. The original dark colour of eyes was struck out by deep black eye liner which contrasted with the color of skin. It became the first distinct feature of Arab women make- up.

Men wrote thousands of beautiful poems about women's eyes that draw even more attention to this part of the face. With the time new colours  were introduced in make up, yet black kohl is never forgotten. Most of all, khaliji make-up is famous for black kohl eyes. Retro style of khaliji eye-make up was limited to only one coloured eye-shadow (you can see as an example my earliest posts through "My make-up" tag). Nowadays there can be 120 colours in one pallete,100 make-up brand names in every moll. 2Drh cost eye-shadows are available everywhere. And then you just need to be a little bit creative to show all your talent and beauty on the next party or event. If you can’t apply make up yourself, there is always somebody  who could do it for you - there are numerous beauty saloons all over the GCC. Or maybe there's some talanted lady among your relatives or friends. You just need to understand that the modern colorful khaleeji make up is a new look of the oldest cultural element.

Next pics belong to  Dabyanyh beauty saloon. They are a wonderful example of the modern khaleeji special event make up. Very creative, very colorful and simply a work of Art.
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  1. Salaams!

    What people need to remember with these dramatic makeup looks is that they are for special occasions or women gatherings.....without men. Arabic/Khaleeji makeup looks are amazing and are quite an art form. The use of colors and the techniques are quite detailed. Excellent blend techniques are a must! I just love these looks....I view them as if I was in an art gallery.

    As a side note....I was able to try out my Forever 52 professional 120 eye palette that I previously asked you about. All I can say is AMAZING!! The colors are highly pigmented and a little goes a long way. They apply like silk! I used an eye primer and a MAC paintpot as a base. The color did not move, fade or wear off. I will be definitely be cheking into other products from this line when I get into Dubai. With you being a beautitian I highly recomend looking into this product line. I have the #2 palatte which has matte and pearl finishes. Hope this was helpful for you.

    Allha Ateesh il 3afia for all your hard efforts with your blog and please keep the wonderful info comming!

  2. To Umm Ibrahim and other women:

    if this make up is not to your taste- you could have at least some respect and tolerance for a different culture. For many Gulf women such make up is beautiful and acceptable in their culture. Showing your disgust in such a way is bad manners.

    You remind me of some narrow minded westerners who are prejudiced and hateful towards traditional black abaya and niqab- they too have no tolerance and respect for a different culture.

    it's a different culure, different standards and norms of beauty. Just because Arabic standards are different from European or American does not mean they are wrong. They are just different.

  3. this is too much and i don't mean that i don't like it but its not good to put on too much and are those girls muslim if they are why are they not covering there here ?

    xxx sihaam


will appreciate your kind notes :)