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June 29, 2008

How to wear Khaleeji way shawl/shaylas

Khaleejia said:
the Way of wearing shawl in UAE and other Gulf countries is different then in classical, egyptian or turkish styles.
there are several features:
Feature No1:
Often it's not pinned that makes look more natural and a bit sloven cos every minute it falls down on shoulders but women who wears such unpinned shawl became very professional in setting aright it again on the head by a nice move that is slow and gracile. among these women this rather attrective action is like a kind of ritual with a hidden message (look i am so fashionable! or look, i am independent girl! each one put her own msg) that is being demonstrated in front of others at the moment she is in public . But in Islam its forbidden to show off your hair in front of men who are not your close relatives so better if we will not repeat that feature with ourselves.
Feature No2: "Bangs out"
As soon as islamic country care of its citizens' look, men should wear gutra (cotton white shawl and agal(black ring over gutra)khaleeji woman dress, shawl, shayla that is official head cover and makes actually every man looks as a king but also they can cover their heads with read and White or black and white colored shawls (also i heard there is green, brown, yellow checked shawl but they are not traditional colors). Men can tight it different way on their heads but there is no any obligatory from Allah to cover men's hair as there is for women. The same time women wear shaylas that cover I would say a half of their head as soon as bang is demonstrated and of cause there are several kinds of typical Khaleeji bang.

Feature No3: "the queen's head"
So, the next one is the way shayla wearing itself. Some girls asked me to explain how do emerati girls make their shaylas so high from back that gives fashionable & glamorous look. Yes, it will need some picture.(I took a pic of one of my clips with a small one to let you compare its size). You should situate it at that level you want but not too low cos then it will not take that effect.
you can use that clip as for shayla as for niqab just be sure that its enough big that not give funny knob look from outside like if you would wear a small clip or other hair-decoration over your hair.
FeatureNo4: "show up its beauty"
The beautiful ornaments and patterns that decorate shaylas can be different styles (as simple flower patterns with some glitter as most famous brands logo with a fabulous shining). Every year appear a lot of new designs. While in 80th there were only pure black shaylas (without any decoration). Nowadays, shayla is not only the tool to cover your hair but also a way to express your personality through the beautiful and same time fashionable design of its patterns.

June 25, 2008

Emerati dance Yowalah

Khaleejia said:
Emerati dance Yowalah

I used to watching channel nojoom3  that shows only local (emerati ) music-video clips. This traditional music that still so popular and be loved by Arabs became adored by ppl of even other cultures who are attracted by its rhythms and performance itself. Actually me, myself love only dance of United Arab Emirates- Al-Ayallah that is different from even neighboring countries like Qatar, Oman, Bahrain and Saudi Arabia. Mostly type of the dances of these countries is similar but in fact there are many differences in details. Of cause dance became a bit different since new musical instruments were invented but the changes didn't move too far. So it's still very original. So what is the secret of such an old dance where men are so courageous and woman are so feminine?

' Al-Ayallah (yowalah) is the most traditional dancing style in the United Arab Emirates.
Al-Ayallah means victory dance because it is usually performed after a victory in a war or after
coming home from successful pearl diving. The music and dances which accompanying this celebration
have an important social function and both males and females are represented. Al-Ayallah is very distinctive
in both its music and dancing. Goatskin bagpipes, flute and drums are the traditional musical instrument
used in this dance. The instruments release sounds
like American Indian tunes when Al-Ayallah is celebrated at midnight.
When the group, "Fergah" decides to dance "Al-Ayallah," the first thing they do is divide
the group of men into two lines. Each man should hold his neighbor's arm,
and hold a stick in the other hand, to move it up and down, as they move their bodies with the songs.

The group which holds the musical instruments stands in the middle, between the lines, and they are
called "Tabballah." While dancing, one line sings a poem in a traditional tune.
After they finish, the second line starts to sing the second part of the poetry the same way.
At the same time, the women's group, which is called "Naeeshat," cheers by moving their hair to the right
and left side like sea waves surging when it is raining.
In addition, there is a row of two to four
dancers moving in a circle in the middle, between the two lines, wielding their sticks, foils or guns,
moving them forward and backward; they are moving around like a fan. Sometimes, they use only their hands.
Large numbers of men perform this dance, but it could also be solo.
Dances are different based on the celebrations or events.

These dancers also sing while they are dancing.

Nowdays to see such performance is not a big problem a specially if you live in UAE. Very often Emerati men gather in the Malls all over the country to share their tradition with the guests of AE. You can find a lot of videos of witnesses of such events on youtube or in private collections. It is really very strong performance that will never leave you indifferent to the UAE culture and people. Dance include very respectable movements for men's and some of the movements started be learned since childhood. In Emirates there are some special schools which are founded under Sheikh Muhammad supporing.

June 23, 2008

Freej - Emirati Folklor

Khaleejia said:

First UAE 3D cartoon Freej that came from arabic farij-"folklor" in the Khaleeji dialect tells the comic story of four old ladies (Um Saeed, Um
Saloom, Um Allawi and Um Khammas) dealing with life in the fast-paced,
ever-changing, modern-day Dubai. They have a typical sarcastic accents filled with joy and a retro scent. Freej brings forth to the cultural national identity and already adored across generations, when it started as a doodle nearly seven years ago the cartoon has grown into a monster hit, popular with Emiratis of all ages.

In the Arab culture, grandmothers are
at the heart of the family and culturally for both
Emiratis and expats, it is a part of life that is rarely
acknowledged. Freej is an answer to representing the
UAE culture, through humour, to the rest of the
world. It is not a religious tool to communicate
about Islam, but a family-orientated show that
looks at the daily lives of Arabs living in the UAE.

Here the really funny but true apisode abt shopping feature in arab countries.
As soon as its in arabic i would like to give some words' translation for those who don't understand arabic :
kam - how much (does it cost)
akhar- last
kam akhar/akhr kam - what is the last price
thalathin - 30
ishrin -20
ashra -10
habibti-dear (fem)
seir - price
atani ha - he gave me it
balash - for free

June 21, 2008

the beauty of sand

Khaleejia said:
just let your soul feel...

This is my favourite

June 19, 2008

Khaleeji girl of the XXI century

Khaleejia said:

A girl, Aida al-Busaidy who represents the new generation of Emerian, khaleeji and Muslims women to the world. Keeping the traditional look and behavior but so competitive with the western look of the other
girls (from America, Australia and India), who all together presents in English language a chat show on Dubai One.
A lot of people have been discussing this "Her say" show since the first premier was on TV.
Some put the girls under the cruel critic but most just kindly approved
and understood that they do rather good job.
For me as a muslim girl the most important thing that miscellaneous of nationalities o
Had been chosen so right way and the
Indian girl who is so charismatic just as her oriental specific, and the American with her strict feministic and independent look, the Australian girl who is shining and easy like should be that one who was "born near beach" and so traditional and same time very modern and educated the Emirian girl who allowed to speak up! Who is the new generation of UAE.
What woman can count on inside her society that was so closed just abou50 years ago? Are they conservative and uneducated?! Can woman have HER SAY? Is she allowed to visit other countries and learn other cultures?!
So many questions world still keep on asking about the position of the women in Islamic countries now days. And still have wrong ideas. Just how can we give a good answer? So, may be via
Like that chat show on TV ? What you think? Of cause some ppl can have bad opinion abt veiled girl among others sun-tuned blonds who do not shy to show their bodies in the cam. But for me its so proud and gorgeous! I remember one day they invited a famous stylist who worked on image of Madonna and other celebrities. When girls asked him abt look of Emerati women he just exclaimed it's amazing and so gorgeous that he never had seen in America or other countries! He point out that Abayahs that we wear is something fabulous with all these glittering patterns and shining so gorgeous look of almost each woman in AE.
OK, about look it's clear but what about her intelligence? Her inner world?
Is it small and her thinking and dreams only abt her family her friends and her Abayah? Just having look at that "her say" show could give a sense that such opinion is far from reality. This link for interview with Aida can spread more light on the
inner world of a young Emerati woman of XXI century.

June 18, 2008

Arabs compete in poetry! (min zaman)

Khaleejia said:
The Arabs still keep tradition of competitions in poetry. It's actually amazing event. What we can say if this was a proof that Qur'an that was granted to our Prophet Muhammad (solallahu aleihi wa sallem) had a miracle ayat that couldn't be compared even with the best verses of the best poets. The language of pure arabic poetry is highly literary language. Arabic words are very rich in the different meanings. One word can reach 16 or more different not connected btw each other meanings. Ability to find the best propriate word to exact feelings that could "burn" your heart is a very hard task that need many years of the deep studying.
This video (English) shows the feelings or the meaning of Arabic love to their poetry.
+have a look at khaleeji girl with eyes like gazelle's:)

June 16, 2008

Back to that quiet oriental life

Khaleejia said:
Today I went out in the early morning before the sun appeared on the horizon. The sea was quiet as everything around. One security man who should control everybody passing that way seemed sleeping on his chair. I was wearing pure black abaya and scarf that in the smooth light looked so nice deep color which made me feel so beautiful and more oriental. I looked around and didn’t find a person just palm-trees honorably standing in the middle of the desert. Sobhan Allah! I exclaimed in my heart! What a wonderful nature! A desert from the right hand and that sea from the left and gorgeous palms in the middle!
This hotel (I would say Palace) was built so traditionally Arabic design and I just felt myself as a sheikha, where all my wishes are being rapidly fulfilled. What I need to feel a bit happy? A nice car, personal laptop, apartment in a big city, a good job or just a camel, henna for entertaining, a tent in the desert and a careful husband who will provide my needs?!

Sometimes I really feel that it so enough just to have this little and live such a quiet life like the morning was today…

Woman in such a muslim country like UAE

Khaleejia said:
Woman in Islamic Countries so often get negative attention of the other world that becomes rather important to delight about her real position. Of cause, not every Islamic country has same attitude that depends on different reasons like customs, politic and so on but the real success have been got by the meddle-eastern countries like Qatar, UAE, Kuwait, Bahrain. While Saudi Arabia still keeps their precious women from public roles. In Qatar the wife and she is as consort of emir of Qatar, Chairperson of the Qatar Foundation for Education, Science and Community Development, President of the Supreme Council for Family Affairs and Vice Chairperson of the Supreme Education Council lead the women of her country to the enhancement of the status of women and the country's Constitution guarantees equal rights for both men and women. Now there are young women who became ministers in Qatar.

UAE also has a great development since 1975 when H H Sheikha Fatima bent Mubarak, wife of the country's President, H H Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Niehyan founded UAE women’s Federation (after succeeded her first Abu Dhabi association) to encourage the country's women to realize their full potential same as play a full role in society. With a great support of Sheikh Zayed in 1998 were built the three story building, designed in a traditional Islamic style, occupies an area of 8,000 square meters and was built at a total cost of Dh 22 million. The priority of the Women’s Federation in the early days was to help women emerge out of seclusion, use their leisure time to become literate, and acquire knowledge about the modern world in order to enable them to raise their family's standard of living. But today's goals are linked to comprehensive social planning in the country with a view to increasing social cohesiveness.
Now The Federation has got 31 individual branches all over the country. Activities undertaken by these branches include, illiteracy eradication, nursery classes, housekeeping, dressmaking and handicraft classes, art classes, child care advice, health education, vocational training projects, job placement programs, religious education, welfare assistance, family advice, including mediation services, as well as a busy calendar of social, cultural and sporting activities. As part of efforts to revive the country's heritage, an environmental and handicrafts program was instituted in 1978 at the Women’s Federation in association with the United Nations Development Program and ministries of health, labor and social affairs.
The Women’s Federation has both participated in and organized numerous local and regional seminars.
With strong believe that Islam offers guarantees for the position of women that can act as a useful example to the rest of the world UAE women have played an active role in the international women’s movement: New Mexico, in 1975, followed by Copenhagen in 1980 and Nairobi in 1985, culminating in Beijing in 1995.
Today UAE women are making their presence felt in society as civil servants, university professors, teachers, lawyers, engineers, doctors, under secretaries, business women, administrators, media and as members of the police force and the army. But employment is a matter of choice, rather than of necessity.
Sheikha Fatima said that UAE women enjoyed all their legal rights and freedom and have occupied some of the highest posts in the country thanks to the support of Sheikh Zayed. ‘Despite this progress, UAE women maintain their traditional role as mothers, adhere to the teachings of Islam and are determined to reflect the true picture of their country’
Used links:

June 10, 2008

Pure muslims' hearts

Khaleejia said:
i was serfing on blogger and found out a lot of surprizing things. I am actually not surprized but need to tell that why some arab girls who write in their profiles "i am a muslimah" make such non muslim posts that sometimes are so dirty! I always discover that non-arabs who has been converted to Islam (All Praise to Allah) are so accurate and strong with their Islamic behavior and language. But my blog about Arabic pure culture that mixed with Islam,Countries that still keep it and develope, Arab society that was built on the islamic law (shariah), so my only hope that this small page in the world web can be usefull not only for converted to islam but also for arabs themselves to understand how big value they have and should keep it unless (a'uzu billahi) West will ruin them as once britain ruined Andalouse Islamic Imperia in Spain (Ya Allah give us strength of Iman and Forgive us).

June 6, 2008

How do emirati families spend their weekends ...

Khaleejia said:

Once I met my friends in UAE who were visited by their relatives from USA. I decided to ask them what is the difference of life style between Emirates and America ( as soon as many people consider UAE same USA in the middle-east). So they answered in short way just saying that life almost the same but in emirates the social life is more active then in US (regular family recreation, visiting relatives, meeting friends). For Asian people sure it was very important point. But is that true?! On my weekends every week (Friday) we go to Fujairah, Dubai, mamzar, malls (that is just my hobby;),parks, restaurants, cinemas, beaches (prefer in Ajman 'cos strong waves), desert (adore!), wherever but I wouldn't say that I met there a lot of locals except malls where they are strolling and shopping or sitting in coffee-shops , cinemas and in desert(camping). But parks full of Hindi, Pakistani and so on who came over there with there families. Adults lay on the grass with rice&meat meals, drinks. Some can make barbecue on the open fire in special places for that while children playing rugby. Once I asked my emirati friend what are
They doing on weekends? Who honestly said just meet my friends and we go out somewhere. Where?
So it's different for each family. As soon as Emirates people are Arabs supposed to them have strong relative tights. The family members gather in one big house chatting, having traditional meals, coffee, tea, water, juices are alternated every hour (before you start feel any shortage). They can talk about religion, business, politic, family problems as well as joking and play backgammon for woman of cause its children, fashion (last trends, new purchases ), anything that could happen interesting in their lives.
In other families, some go to their farm-villas or to their friends in other Emirates. And some has their own villas on the UAE islands. But most just go shopping and same time entertaining in the fabulous malls of Emirates. (about me almost 5 times per week go to Mega-mall that is just beside my house. It has 5 levels so every day I visit one level more. The 5th day I go with my husband together to the cinema that is right on the 5th level. Of cause I am joking I don’t do it so often ;) but anyway I do time to timeJ.) Of cause I didn’t write about the all places I have visited
Actually in emirates so many places to visit and have fun (not haram) these links for those who want to know more about "Where2go" in UAE:
-Mall of the Emirates:
-Ski Dubai:
-Wild Wadi:
-Dubai Festival City:
-Deira citi center:
-Gold Souk:
-Ibn Battuta Mall:


June 5, 2008

How do business women dress in the UAE

Khaleejia said:
Top notch and in the best brands' name…

As soon as UAE keep their traditions, attire of emirati business woman the same that she wears in public – veiled + abaya.
Other nationalities don't have to veil (if they are not Muslims) cos' Emirates the same time is a very liberal country most likely it may shock nonresident aliens how the locals dress. However, nobody wear the too short of skirts usually a little bit under the knee or exactly the knee length skirts. Nothing see-through or tight, No sleeveless or low cut shirts. Some women put on too much make up as it is their custom but it's not a necessity. Hair (or bang) and nails are always done nicely and attractively.Same as everywhere else but with a little nod to modesty.

Khaleeji women with khaleeji make up

Khaleejia said: Salam girls! these photos as additional information about khaleeji make up. Lets make some:)