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June 18, 2008

Arabs compete in poetry! (min zaman)

Khaleejia said:
The Arabs still keep tradition of competitions in poetry. It's actually amazing event. What we can say if this was a proof that Qur'an that was granted to our Prophet Muhammad (solallahu aleihi wa sallem) had a miracle ayat that couldn't be compared even with the best verses of the best poets. The language of pure arabic poetry is highly literary language. Arabic words are very rich in the different meanings. One word can reach 16 or more different not connected btw each other meanings. Ability to find the best propriate word to exact feelings that could "burn" your heart is a very hard task that need many years of the deep studying.
This video (English) shows the feelings or the meaning of Arabic love to their poetry.
+have a look at khaleeji girl with eyes like gazelle's:)


  1. salaam! yeah i know they are such good poets masha'allah.....well i think im in love with just bout anythin thats arabic!hehe

  2. me to, hehehe i am in love anything that khaleeji-arabic;)


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