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June 10, 2008

Pure muslims' hearts

Khaleejia said:
i was serfing on blogger and found out a lot of surprizing things. I am actually not surprized but need to tell that why some arab girls who write in their profiles "i am a muslimah" make such non muslim posts that sometimes are so dirty! I always discover that non-arabs who has been converted to Islam (All Praise to Allah) are so accurate and strong with their Islamic behavior and language. But my blog about Arabic pure culture that mixed with Islam,Countries that still keep it and develope, Arab society that was built on the islamic law (shariah), so my only hope that this small page in the world web can be usefull not only for converted to islam but also for arabs themselves to understand how big value they have and should keep it unless (a'uzu billahi) West will ruin them as once britain ruined Andalouse Islamic Imperia in Spain (Ya Allah give us strength of Iman and Forgive us).

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