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June 16, 2008

Woman in such a muslim country like UAE

Khaleejia said:
Woman in Islamic Countries so often get negative attention of the other world that becomes rather important to delight about her real position. Of cause, not every Islamic country has same attitude that depends on different reasons like customs, politic and so on but the real success have been got by the meddle-eastern countries like Qatar, UAE, Kuwait, Bahrain. While Saudi Arabia still keeps their precious women from public roles. In Qatar the wife and she is as consort of emir of Qatar, Chairperson of the Qatar Foundation for Education, Science and Community Development, President of the Supreme Council for Family Affairs and Vice Chairperson of the Supreme Education Council lead the women of her country to the enhancement of the status of women and the country's Constitution guarantees equal rights for both men and women. Now there are young women who became ministers in Qatar.

UAE also has a great development since 1975 when H H Sheikha Fatima bent Mubarak, wife of the country's President, H H Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Niehyan founded UAE women’s Federation (after succeeded her first Abu Dhabi association) to encourage the country's women to realize their full potential same as play a full role in society. With a great support of Sheikh Zayed in 1998 were built the three story building, designed in a traditional Islamic style, occupies an area of 8,000 square meters and was built at a total cost of Dh 22 million. The priority of the Women’s Federation in the early days was to help women emerge out of seclusion, use their leisure time to become literate, and acquire knowledge about the modern world in order to enable them to raise their family's standard of living. But today's goals are linked to comprehensive social planning in the country with a view to increasing social cohesiveness.
Now The Federation has got 31 individual branches all over the country. Activities undertaken by these branches include, illiteracy eradication, nursery classes, housekeeping, dressmaking and handicraft classes, art classes, child care advice, health education, vocational training projects, job placement programs, religious education, welfare assistance, family advice, including mediation services, as well as a busy calendar of social, cultural and sporting activities. As part of efforts to revive the country's heritage, an environmental and handicrafts program was instituted in 1978 at the Women’s Federation in association with the United Nations Development Program and ministries of health, labor and social affairs.
The Women’s Federation has both participated in and organized numerous local and regional seminars.
With strong believe that Islam offers guarantees for the position of women that can act as a useful example to the rest of the world UAE women have played an active role in the international women’s movement: New Mexico, in 1975, followed by Copenhagen in 1980 and Nairobi in 1985, culminating in Beijing in 1995.
Today UAE women are making their presence felt in society as civil servants, university professors, teachers, lawyers, engineers, doctors, under secretaries, business women, administrators, media and as members of the police force and the army. But employment is a matter of choice, rather than of necessity.
Sheikha Fatima said that UAE women enjoyed all their legal rights and freedom and have occupied some of the highest posts in the country thanks to the support of Sheikh Zayed. ‘Despite this progress, UAE women maintain their traditional role as mothers, adhere to the teachings of Islam and are determined to reflect the true picture of their country’
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  1. Salaam! how are u sis, long time no see! I so believe that you should give women the freedom to pursue their dreams n careers. They will be seen as role models for other muslim women.You will never see a single pic of Sheikha Hind (wife of Sheikh Maktoum, ruler of Dubai) in the media but she has done such tremendous work for the community. I mean take the example of khadija(r.a) she was a businesswoman!

  2. wa aleikum assalam dear sister! mashaAllah for your muslim heart! i wish i hame same like your's:)i just couldn't reach the internet but now i have something better alhamdlillah!i got it from setelile wireless direct for my laptop,mashaAllah(thanx to my husband:)so now inshaallah i can even more freely visit your blogs as well and leave comments for your posts:)
    yeah you are right about sheikha she does so much not only for uae women comunity but for all muslim women all over the world hiegher their (our)selfconfidence (i would say) and by a correct (islamic)way like you just said way of hadijah (aleiha salam).mashaallah!


will appreciate your kind notes :)