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June 6, 2008

How do emirati families spend their weekends ...

Khaleejia said:

Once I met my friends in UAE who were visited by their relatives from USA. I decided to ask them what is the difference of life style between Emirates and America ( as soon as many people consider UAE same USA in the middle-east). So they answered in short way just saying that life almost the same but in emirates the social life is more active then in US (regular family recreation, visiting relatives, meeting friends). For Asian people sure it was very important point. But is that true?! On my weekends every week (Friday) we go to Fujairah, Dubai, mamzar, malls (that is just my hobby;),parks, restaurants, cinemas, beaches (prefer in Ajman 'cos strong waves), desert (adore!), wherever but I wouldn't say that I met there a lot of locals except malls where they are strolling and shopping or sitting in coffee-shops , cinemas and in desert(camping). But parks full of Hindi, Pakistani and so on who came over there with there families. Adults lay on the grass with rice&meat meals, drinks. Some can make barbecue on the open fire in special places for that while children playing rugby. Once I asked my emirati friend what are
They doing on weekends? Who honestly said just meet my friends and we go out somewhere. Where?
So it's different for each family. As soon as Emirates people are Arabs supposed to them have strong relative tights. The family members gather in one big house chatting, having traditional meals, coffee, tea, water, juices are alternated every hour (before you start feel any shortage). They can talk about religion, business, politic, family problems as well as joking and play backgammon for woman of cause its children, fashion (last trends, new purchases ), anything that could happen interesting in their lives.
In other families, some go to their farm-villas or to their friends in other Emirates. And some has their own villas on the UAE islands. But most just go shopping and same time entertaining in the fabulous malls of Emirates. (about me almost 5 times per week go to Mega-mall that is just beside my house. It has 5 levels so every day I visit one level more. The 5th day I go with my husband together to the cinema that is right on the 5th level. Of cause I am joking I don’t do it so often ;) but anyway I do time to timeJ.) Of cause I didn’t write about the all places I have visited
Actually in emirates so many places to visit and have fun (not haram) these links for those who want to know more about "Where2go" in UAE:
-Mall of the Emirates:
-Ski Dubai:
-Wild Wadi:
-Dubai Festival City:
-Deira citi center:
-Gold Souk:
-Ibn Battuta Mall:



  1. salaam! Ahh, ur so right bout indian n pakistani families in parks on weekends...we love picnicking :p and actually its just the weekends that every1 can make plans to go out as a big family n meet up cuzins n all....we also do have gatherings at home as well. ohhh i LOVE mall of the emirates! I'd love to dare to spend money goin into the ski dubai one day! have u been to it? and its been ages since ive been to the wild wadi, i miss it!

  2. ski dubai is a very nice place to relax after such a hot weather but to go there you should have a company - ur friends who any time could catch you before you fall into the snow! yeah its fantastic to jump into it in the middle of desert! cool!
    abt wild wadi or other swimming activities i like but to ask my husbend accompony me at women days ?! looks not nice idea, and go myself also seems a bit egoistic so... wait for the best tims!(our children could be a nice reason:)inshaAllah


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