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June 1, 2008

ISLAMIC marriage relationship

Khaleejia said:

Islamic marriage relationship we could say the best relationtip between man and woman. It is true. One my friend that entered Islam several years ago, then got married said:"If european woman just would know what is behaviour of a man according to his woman it can become a reason of her converting to Islam". I'm sorry if my translation of her words is not perfect but i pray Allah (s.w.t.) give every reader the right understanding. This post i send to muslims married women as reminding to unmarried yet as advice and non muslim as intruduction of islamic family. I didnt write anything about children or other family members but sure that our attitude to them should be with great carefullness and love. Also i want thank you my sister that her post and that picture encouraged me to write this post.
Author said:
Qur'an:30-21 marriage relationship is described as one with "tranquility", "love" and "mercy". Else where in
the Qur'an, husband and wife are described as "garments" for each other (2:187). Garments offer protection, comfort, modesty and warmth. Above all, the Qur'an (7:26) describes that the best garment is the "garment of God" - consciousness. In an atmosphere of love and respect, duties provide a framework for the balance of family life and fulfillment of both partners.
While these are the Islamic ideals, we all need
help achieving them. sometimes, our marriage life need supporting as communication, forgiveness, and understanding between spouses.
Beauty and overtures of allurement to win your husband's heart. When husband comes home- greet him with wonderful greetings and a nice smelling.
Clean your house, smoke bukhur(incense sticks) prepare yourself, children, prepare bed, meal.
Review the characteristics of the Hoor al-Ayn (women in Paradise) and try to imitate them. Qur'an describes them with large dark eyes,
silk they wear, singing to their husbands, etc. Try it all, also play with your husband laugh with him Man's secret - they seek for light hearted woman.
Thank your husband constantly for the nice things he does. Then thank him again. fire in the house extinguish it with a simple "i'm sorry"
Even if its not your fault. When you fight back you just adding wood to the fire. Look how sweetly an argument will end when you just say sincerely.
"Look I'm sorry, lets be friends"
always seek to please your husband, he is your key to jannah. listen and obey. its fard. he is ameer(the king) of the household. Give him that right and respect.
Make dua to Allah to make your marriage and relationship successful, ask for blessing of having successful marriage.
That begins in this Dunya and continues on-by Mercy of Allah -into Jannah.
Qur'an describes relation between husband and wife as relationship of love, compassion, mercy and harmony between two human beings who have entered
into a mutual contract(30:21,7:189)male you or female, you are members of each other(3:195) and that men and woman are protectors, one of another.(9;71
- هن لباس لكم و انتم لباس لهن they are garments onto you as you are like garments onto them). Within the bonds of this intimacy; shared feelings, honest and open communication, genuine understanding, mutual responsibility and caring needs to flourish. The intimacy must provide a haven that offers a sense of WARMTH, SAFETY, SECURITY AND INTERDEPENDENCE.
After all of these, the relationship is funded on LOVE مودة & AFFECTION AND TENDERNESS رحمه AND COMPASSION. Intended to result of tranquility and harmony.
Are you together?
Many couples are together yet NOT "together", for though they live under one roof, they live separate lives. Togetherness means much more than sitting at the table for dinner and sleeping in the same room.
There must exist..
- an emotional togetherness that emanates from being attuned to each other's feelings
- an intellectual togetherness that allows the sharing of thoughts, ideas and opinions
- a work togetherness where there is involvement in performing chores and everyday tasks
- a recreational togetherness when you have fun and excitement together
- a crisis togetherness when you can lean on each other and support one another in times of difficulty and tragedy
-aesthetic togetherness through you share the beauty of the artistry of life and living.
- a spiritual togetherness by means of which you inspire the best in one another and grow closer to the Creator
The best of blessings for a both spouses is to have...a faithful partner who does not betray either in personality or in wealth.


  1. Salam dear sister Khaleejia,

    Masha Allah this is such a lovely post & a beautiful reminder to all married ladies & for would-be wives everywhere.

    Jazakallahu Khairan sister.

  2. oh dear sis wallahi i am so pleasant for your comment to this post cos this post is not only words or just reminder actually its so big true!! i put in in base of my life with my dear husband at the most difficult time. then situation had been dramatically changed and now we have got what is promised. Really its so amazing, and same time simple thing. Allah sobhana w taala kholaka kull shai and there is noone else who knows better how we should live to be happy in this life and after.

  3. salam alikum

    mashAllah a very beautiful reminder !!!


will appreciate your kind notes :)