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June 25, 2008

Emerati dance Yowalah

Khaleejia said:
Emerati dance Yowalah

I used to watching channel nojoom3  that shows only local (emerati ) music-video clips. This traditional music that still so popular and be loved by Arabs became adored by ppl of even other cultures who are attracted by its rhythms and performance itself. Actually me, myself love only dance of United Arab Emirates- Al-Ayallah that is different from even neighboring countries like Qatar, Oman, Bahrain and Saudi Arabia. Mostly type of the dances of these countries is similar but in fact there are many differences in details. Of cause dance became a bit different since new musical instruments were invented but the changes didn't move too far. So it's still very original. So what is the secret of such an old dance where men are so courageous and woman are so feminine?

' Al-Ayallah (yowalah) is the most traditional dancing style in the United Arab Emirates.
Al-Ayallah means victory dance because it is usually performed after a victory in a war or after
coming home from successful pearl diving. The music and dances which accompanying this celebration
have an important social function and both males and females are represented. Al-Ayallah is very distinctive
in both its music and dancing. Goatskin bagpipes, flute and drums are the traditional musical instrument
used in this dance. The instruments release sounds
like American Indian tunes when Al-Ayallah is celebrated at midnight.
When the group, "Fergah" decides to dance "Al-Ayallah," the first thing they do is divide
the group of men into two lines. Each man should hold his neighbor's arm,
and hold a stick in the other hand, to move it up and down, as they move their bodies with the songs.

The group which holds the musical instruments stands in the middle, between the lines, and they are
called "Tabballah." While dancing, one line sings a poem in a traditional tune.
After they finish, the second line starts to sing the second part of the poetry the same way.
At the same time, the women's group, which is called "Naeeshat," cheers by moving their hair to the right
and left side like sea waves surging when it is raining.
In addition, there is a row of two to four
dancers moving in a circle in the middle, between the two lines, wielding their sticks, foils or guns,
moving them forward and backward; they are moving around like a fan. Sometimes, they use only their hands.
Large numbers of men perform this dance, but it could also be solo.
Dances are different based on the celebrations or events.

These dancers also sing while they are dancing.

Nowdays to see such performance is not a big problem a specially if you live in UAE. Very often Emerati men gather in the Malls all over the country to share their tradition with the guests of AE. You can find a lot of videos of witnesses of such events on youtube or in private collections. It is really very strong performance that will never leave you indifferent to the UAE culture and people. Dance include very respectable movements for men's and some of the movements started be learned since childhood. In Emirates there are some special schools which are founded under Sheikh Muhammad supporing.


  1. salaam
    lol khaleejia don u think we shud meet up?I think we like the exact same things! hehe....ahh yeah the beats of the arabic music esp these traditional one is really catcy ya? and yeah if ur staying in the UAE u can catch glimpses of these dances many times a during the national day or during eid n stuff. and u can also see such small cute boys dancing with their guns! But i dun like it how the gals dance wid their hair.......i mean since women are supposed to be in haya n all why bring them out n make them show their beautiful hair n all..that too in fromt of so many guys! yikes!
    Anyways jazakallah for anoder lovely post!

  2. wa aleykum assalam dear sis! sure why not,as soon as my hubby finish his duty work we can meet inshaAllah. thanx 4ur comment and additions that i honestly forget to mention.Actually this post isn't completed cos there is much more to write abt.:) by the way we could talk more, you can write to my mail direct or msn

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  4. hey sis i mailed u, do check ur junk just incase it ended up there :)

  5. A.A. ukti....
    hope ur in the highest of health and imaan, I love ur blog so colourful and vibrant mashallah, u've done a great job.

    I love the fact your so proud of where u come from and show ur heratige on ur blog and focus on ur culutre and deen Mashllah.

    Keep up the great work.

    Your sister in Islam
    Amina xXx

  6. anonymous, thank you for comment but just want to say that my blog is not islamic blog but about culture and traditions of some islamic countries.and ppl who visit my blog through google serch they are searching not for islamic topics but for topics connected to khaleeji /uae cultural information. Do you know how many ppl come to islam through studding cultures and traditions of islamic countries.
    anyway thank you for remind we must do this as muslims acc to each other so i also remind you to be aware any kind of haram!really i am not angry i do appreciate your carefulness.jazak Allahu kheir!

  7. mashaAllah khaleejia i like your attitude towards the truth this is how we should be and when i found your blogg i was indeed looking for uae stuff as i like khaleeji and saudi culture, it's true that i don't agree with everything they do since it's not all Islamic but who does nowadays unfortunatly? i am a revert and when I first came to Islam I was very idoalistic imaging all khaleejis (saudis included) to be so pious and following Islam 100%.....until i got the tv!!!I started watching mulsalsals and all sorts of tv programmes, what a big shock it was!!!women half naked wearing tons of make-up, men mixing freely with women and singing and playing musical instruments....i couldn't understand why so many lebanese half dressed women would present the news??!!! but alhamdulillah it helped me to found out about nasheed a sharijah (beautiful programme) and alyola minus all the music since i don't believe it's halal,basically i got to really found out about arab ways and culture and i do love a lot of it, and since we want to go and live there inshaAllah i will not be disappointed when i get there thinking everyone is in nikab lowering their gazes dressing modestly and all the men are like the sahaba, alahmdulillah it's still one million time better to be with muslims hearing the adhan than those dirtly kuffar countries.....

  8. anon,everything you wrote here is really nice and i share with u some thoughts like anyway muslim country at least while u can hear athan is best place to live all over the world.but especially in such places u can really meet ppl who call themselves muslims but their behavior is z worst like they have no religion may be u ve ever seen. but inshaallah Allah ll keep u and ur Iman in safe,as i believe that everyone will get what he deserves and what he really looks for. if u want to see munaqqabat then u ll see them if u want to see women lowering their gazes then also u ll see them and even 100 person around u ll say opposite. as some muslims leaving in non-islamic countries keeping the right path sometimes 10 times more accurate and more concentrated.but anyhow as i said above for true muslims always best place among true muslims and must say that anyhow (not all)but70 % in muslim countries are good ppl as islam teaches to be good i mean. where people understand the meaning of wards-ALLAH,parents,family,brother,neighbour,any muslim to serve.
    jazak Allahu Kull Kheir fi dunja w Aakhira

  9. MashaAllah nice post, I love those Emirati Yoolah videos and the music! It is sooo addicting!
    And anonymous I agree with you, I dislike those half dressed ugly Lebanese women in the news haha.


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