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June 23, 2008

Freej - Emirati Folklor

Khaleejia said:

First UAE 3D cartoon Freej that came from arabic farij-"folklor" in the Khaleeji dialect tells the comic story of four old ladies (Um Saeed, Um
Saloom, Um Allawi and Um Khammas) dealing with life in the fast-paced,
ever-changing, modern-day Dubai. They have a typical sarcastic accents filled with joy and a retro scent. Freej brings forth to the cultural national identity and already adored across generations, when it started as a doodle nearly seven years ago the cartoon has grown into a monster hit, popular with Emiratis of all ages.

In the Arab culture, grandmothers are
at the heart of the family and culturally for both
Emiratis and expats, it is a part of life that is rarely
acknowledged. Freej is an answer to representing the
UAE culture, through humour, to the rest of the
world. It is not a religious tool to communicate
about Islam, but a family-orientated show that
looks at the daily lives of Arabs living in the UAE.

Here the really funny but true apisode abt shopping feature in arab countries.
As soon as its in arabic i would like to give some words' translation for those who don't understand arabic :
kam - how much (does it cost)
akhar- last
kam akhar/akhr kam - what is the last price
thalathin - 30
ishrin -20
ashra -10
habibti-dear (fem)
seir - price
atani ha - he gave me it
balash - for free


  1. salaam! i LOOOOOOOOOVE Freej!!!! But on Tv they have translations below and its so funny! and hey in one of those videos the tailor speaks in Urdu in between! lolz, i just love their tiny old khaleeji houses and "popular amongst Emiratis of all ages"? its popular even amongst NON arabic speakers! But their episodes are only for like 15mins :( and i die to watch the next ones.

  2. habayeb,sis thanx4ur comment:)i agree that not only Emeratis love this cartoon.Its really became truly popular after they made it with English subtitles.
    so now people from all over the world can not only watch but also understand the exact meaning.I think that jokes are really funny & understandable for anyone.i did this post cos it's so khaleeji:)and:(for me its also seems so short,actually Freej even less than 15 min sometimes its only 10 min.and also it's a pity that only once per week. Just hope that they will hard work on creating a new series. ByZway i watch now Kung Fu Panda if u want u can download this link its nice cartoon also.

  3. LOOOL i really love this cartoon and planning to buy the stuff toy, very good characters and funny but unfortunately i always miss it i just saw few episodes:(
    well.. thank you for this beautiful blog actually all of them r gr8 and enjoyable:) keep them coming sis


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