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June 19, 2008

Khaleeji girl of the XXI century

Khaleejia said:

A girl, Aida al-Busaidy who represents the new generation of Emerian, khaleeji and Muslims women to the world. Keeping the traditional look and behavior but so competitive with the western look of the other
girls (from America, Australia and India), who all together presents in English language a chat show on Dubai One.
A lot of people have been discussing this "Her say" show since the first premier was on TV.
Some put the girls under the cruel critic but most just kindly approved
and understood that they do rather good job.
For me as a muslim girl the most important thing that miscellaneous of nationalities o
Had been chosen so right way and the
Indian girl who is so charismatic just as her oriental specific, and the American with her strict feministic and independent look, the Australian girl who is shining and easy like should be that one who was "born near beach" and so traditional and same time very modern and educated the Emirian girl who allowed to speak up! Who is the new generation of UAE.
What woman can count on inside her society that was so closed just abou50 years ago? Are they conservative and uneducated?! Can woman have HER SAY? Is she allowed to visit other countries and learn other cultures?!
So many questions world still keep on asking about the position of the women in Islamic countries now days. And still have wrong ideas. Just how can we give a good answer? So, may be via
Like that chat show on TV ? What you think? Of cause some ppl can have bad opinion abt veiled girl among others sun-tuned blonds who do not shy to show their bodies in the cam. But for me its so proud and gorgeous! I remember one day they invited a famous stylist who worked on image of Madonna and other celebrities. When girls asked him abt look of Emerati women he just exclaimed it's amazing and so gorgeous that he never had seen in America or other countries! He point out that Abayahs that we wear is something fabulous with all these glittering patterns and shining so gorgeous look of almost each woman in AE.
OK, about look it's clear but what about her intelligence? Her inner world?
Is it small and her thinking and dreams only abt her family her friends and her Abayah? Just having look at that "her say" show could give a sense that such opinion is far from reality. This link for interview with Aida can spread more light on the
inner world of a young Emerati woman of XXI century.


  1. i just LOVE the show HerSay!! i never miss that show!!!! I so love it that they discuss so many topics n issues. yes, well aida's shayla keeps slipping now n then i wonder why she doesnt just pin it up :P lol anyways, i think ALL of them do a good job. I too have heard LOTS of criticisms from ppl bout their work.....but common the show is still just a few episodes old and they are trying to present it so well! And ppl shud learn that we shud come out of our nutshell n mingle with ppl of other cultures n make frnds. oh i love aida's abayas!

  2. thank u sis for your comment! i comleatly agree with you abt Aida's abayas and why she doesn't pin her shayla i understood the reason-its like a special feature when you move your hands to correct your shayla add some more sharm or additional attention. just go to any public place or mall and look around you will see many girls in the same action-wrapping their shaylas. (like a parrot's behave)but actually i found it rather attrecvtive action:)dont you think same?

  3. lolz yes i see many gals doin that...but then again, once is okay but all the time?! lolz anyways who am i to judge? hey btw sis where are u from? originally from UAE or egypt?

  4. I thought the lady wearing abaya is from Oman (since her name is Al-Busaidi).

    I like the show. However, one lady does get on my nerves quite a lot!


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